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    • The Rainbooms Return In an "Equestria Girls" Fan Animation
    • Luna Love!
    • Who Will Rule G5 Equestria?
    • Ponies who wouldn't like the crown being transferred to Twilight

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    The Rainbooms Return In an "Equestria Girls" Fan Animation
    By: Jacob S. Lee

    The Equestria Girls are back, and this time, they’re about to meet some close encounters and Earth is about to get a rude awakening!

    "Years after Canterlot High School’s field trip to Camp Everfree, the Mane 7 have moved to Downtown City to start anew, while revisiting some old friends from Canterlot. When Twilight Sparkle's puppy Spike begins to have nightmares about aliens coming down to Earth, he immediately starts to believe that there is about to be an alien arrival. Spike’s predictions soon become a reality after a UFO crash-lands at Camp Everfree and he gets abducted by grotesque aliens, who believe that Spike is their leader. Worried that Spike will soon suffer a horrifying fate, the Mane 7 must race against time to rescue their friend."

    Unlike previous entries in the MLP: EG franchise, this upcoming fan-made feature film will take a darker tone and will also lean more towards science fiction whereas both "Equestria Girls" and "Friendship is Magic" contain elements of fantasy. Other than that, this will still have many of your favorite characters, along with some surprisingly new ones.

    "Spaced Out" was written by Jacob S. Lee and will be produced by Nathan Armstrong and will be released on November 25th, 2022.

    Luna Love!
    By Oddball Tales

    She's the princess of the night, she overcame the darkness within her and emerged stronger as a character for it...and became a fan favorite in the process! She's Princess Luna! There are a lot of good things to say about her, but today I'm going to look at some of what I think makes her such a popular-and awesome-character!

    First of all... as I put it in my last Soap box, I compare the Luna vs Celestia debate similar to the Superman vs Batman debate, more based on their personalities rather than super powers, or "Who would win in a fight?" Celestia being like Superman, the "God who became human" while Luna, although being a powerful entity in her own right, feels more to me like a mortal, flawed being who rose above herself to become more. She was introduced as a jealous sister of Celestia, overshadowed by her older sister. As a younger brother to a successful older brother, I can safely affirm that jealousy is a natural reaction to have.(Although I never turned in a dark version of myself, nor was banished to the moon.)
     Luna strikes me as the type who is more introverted, and seems to enjoy the company of her subjects one on one or in small groups rather than large gatherings. I feel many bronies relate to this, and judging by how many relate to Fluttershy, particularly in older seasons, I have reason to believe I'm not far off!

    Luna also has some of the best episodes under her belt- my favorite being 'Do Princess' dream of magic sheep?'. Her ability to enter ponies' dreams also helps her to stand out, more than say "raising the sun" or "love" The other princess' powers are not explored in as great of detail as Luna's are. Her colors are also a striking contrast in most cases to other ponies' colors, which tend to be pastel and bright. On top of this, when the princesses are defeated easily, she does not tend to be the focus. (I noticed Celestia tends to do most of the talking before their big defeats.)

    Much like the other two, I feel there is a lot to love about Princess Luna- and good reason she is the most popular. Do I think she is the only Equestria princess deserving of our love and attention? No! But is she the most well fleshed out character of the princesses and deserving of the love the fandom gives her? I'd say yes. She has many of my personal favorite "princess" moments. But that's just my take.

    I'm Oddball Tales, thank you for reading!

    Who Will Rule G5 Equestria?
    By: A Shy Brony

    There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding G5, especially now that we know it takes place in the same timeline of G4. But something that I think hasn’t been getting much attention is the question of who will rule G5 Equestria? This is assuming that Equestria will reunite after the events of the G5 movie of course. Here are some of my thoughts on who could or could not rule Equestria.

    First, I can almost guarantee that none of the main cast, Sunny and friends, will become ruler of Equestria. Not only do Sunny and friends seem a little too young for such a responsibility, but how can they spend time adventuring and what not in the follow up G5 show, if they’re busy ruling Equestria? Perhaps by the end of G5, one or more of them could assume the leadership of Equestria, but not this early on. It seems possible that Twilight could in theory make an appearance. Ignoring the whole “Twilight failed!”, argument (That’s a topic which has already been covered by others.) it is possible that ponies could unite around Twilight Sparkle. At this point, she may be the only alicorn left in the world. Perhaps Twilight has been sealed away for centuries, and Sunny and friends save Twilight with the power of Friendship. Twilight could then retake the throne and unite the ponies again.

    But Twilight Sparkle returning seems a little cliché doesn’t it? It’s certainly the least inventive decision at least. So, who else could rule Equestria?

    Perhaps a single ruler isn’t what Equestria needs anymore. An alicorn is an ideal ruler because they embody all three races of ponies and have immense power. But if there are no more alicorns to unite everyone, ponies may split and divide again. To keep the three tribes together, perhaps the best option is to democratize Equestria’s government. Take this for example; Each race chooses a leader, so we have three leaders. These leaders debate amongst each other, and there is some form of Legislative branch to debate everyday policy. This example is akin to an oligarchic approach. Think like the Roman Republic, with its Senate and two elected consuls. Or maybe Equestria will fully democratize, electing one pony among the three races to act as the supreme executive, while also electing representatives to serve in a parliament type system. (I think a parliamentary system, with proportional representation, would be the best legislative model for a nation like Equestria.) We’ve seen democracy at the local level in G4, but democracy at the national level will be a brand-new system for the ponies to implement.

    But what do you all think? Have any other ideas, or think I missed something? Let me know in the comments section!

    Ponies who wouldn't like the crown being transferred to Twilight
    By: FlareGun45

    There are alota people nowadays that don't wanna ever forget the past, so I have the feeling there could very well be a group of ponies who don't like Princess Twilight being the leader of Equestria, and thought Celestia and Luna were much better leaders. There are always organizations in real life that love to hold on to old traditions cause it makes them feel safe, feel like the world is a safe place to be, but changes get made, so what if this situation happened in Equestria too?

    Lotsa changes happened when Twilight became in charge of Equestria - the #1 thing, open borders. Before Twilight was in charge, creatures were rare. Maybe a griffin over there, and a hippogrif over there, but during the timejump, there's as much of everycreature as there is of everypony. Some ponies will not like that - y'think Chancellor Neighsayer is the only one who didn't like anyting non-pony? Everyone gets these ideas from somewhere. Not to mention, a dragon is co-ruler of Equestria as well. That's gonna set off some red lights for some arrogant ponies.

    Another thing is that everyone always gave their praises to the Royal Sisters, much like "Celestia knows" or "Celestia as my witness", everypony thought of her is some kinda god. Some ponies could have the feeling that the two of them giving up the crown is a signal of weakness for the ponies. WE know it's not, but it wouldn't be that far-fetched for there to be some ponies who do think that. There will be alota times where ponies won't even believe in Twilight's leadership. Even though she proved herself to be a capable leader of taking down threats, leading an entire nation is another thing entirely. We know she'll do well, and her friends know it too, but does everypony else?

    This seems like alota great opportunities right here for Twilight to deal with self-confidence, cause there's a group of ponies out there that are rallying against her and her principles, and demand Celestia and Luna's return. Spike might also live in a bit of fear, cause it's a group of ponies that don't like creatures, and they'd see him as a threat. This group could try to sabotage alot of Twilight's events.

    Would the power of friendship be enough to reform them? It's an entire group - so both yes and no. Some yes, some no. Some were manipulated into joining, and some will hold firmly on their principles, or maybe fake being reformed. It would be a challenging story for the writers to pull off. Maybe it would require Celestia and Luna to take a break outta retirement for a bit to interfere.