• Pony Concept Music: Night Blaze - Good Night (Rework) [Orchestral/Soundtrack]

    Ever expanding his imagined lore about the Equestria universe of his songs, Night Blaze pays much tribute to the batponies assisting Luna in her Night-related duties in this rework of the aptly named Good Night, and they are not just a few! I highly recommend reading the description to see just how much lore and thought the musician has put behind this grand yet very soothing piece just like the Night! A whole civilization of batponies living on the moon is hard at work each night and they have their own ways of guarding their own dreams! Albeit there is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact, it's all dark.

    There's a Piano Version that is appended to the song in the video embedded below. Both versions are available for download on the musician's Soundcloud (links in the description).