• Equestria Girls Holiday Unwrapped Blizzard of Bust Follow Up


    Yeah I know it’s super late to decide this now after the holidays, but after just one of the many fun and interesting shorts for Equestria Girls Holiday Unwrapped special, I had to take on each short one by one. Everyone of them was just so fun and unique and rule of thumb is that if it has its own title card, it’s its own short. So I’ll at least be going in the order of the shorts because why not. First one shows how to get seven super powered teens to have a goal similar to saving a sinking yacht and traversing time and space…by trying to have a snow day. It’s the little things in life I guess. If I were to give this a moral, it would probably be to not cram studying for an all nighter instead of quick scheme. Either that, or not get in the way of a hungry raccoon trying to eat a potato. Let’s take a look at what happens when creating a winter wonderland.


    Oh boy, can I relate with this scene. Studying so much you completely crash to the point where the book is open and you have no idea where you left off or what you were even studying about. Not something I’d expect from the studious Sci Twi, but that still just shows that she’s not all about books and studying. She’s only about that when it at least benefits her for the long run. 


    Apologies again for all the Rainbow Dash fans out there, but this was the face that marked trouble and you can’t tell me otherwise. So instead of studying and having her brain overcooked from cramming, it looks like someone was cooking up a “get out of testing” free card.

    I’ll give this to Rainbow Dash though. Best faces of the short hands down. This simple look of desperation of trying to come up with a snow day to get out of the test was just so silly I would think it would work. Well…she thought so at least.

    For the record, I blame the lack of sleep that made them consider doing this. Again, during Rainbow Dash’s speech, she compared causing a fake snow day to saving their classmates from a sinking ship (Spring Breakdown) and messing with time and space to see a concert (Sunset’s Backstage Pass). At least some points for not mentioning their magic corrupted friends in that speech. Don’t think Sunset and Twilight can take another “no offense” joke.


    Pinkie: “I can’t believe I almost slept through a montage!”

    Pinkie Pie is the MVP we always knew we had and will always be reminded for it. If this was just a leftover line from episode 100’s “Slice of Life”, I’m glad it came here. But you heard the girl. It’s time for a snow day heist montage.


    So what you will now realize is that this sack of potatoes will be the most important sack of potatoes in this entire short. Nothing will be as important or shot so epically as these spuds right here. And I wish I could go back to when I first watched this short just to experience the randomness all over again.

    Oh yeah. We had to go frame by frame with this moment. This is just a skill Pinkie Pie has. They could’ve given her this type of power with her magical geodes, but no. She’s just naturally a samurai with a vegetable peeler. It’s Pinkie Pie, don’t question it. 

    Pinkie Pie and this raccoon could go down in history as the biggest rivalry ever with these looks. This is all for the sake of life and death with how their eyes are looking right now.


    So I should also probably mention some timing error and continuity issues while this teenage girl is holding up a dozen blocks of ice. How did they even get all this in a matter of minutes? When the girls first woke up, it was a half hour before school started and they just so happened to have a giant canvas for painting and this much ice on stand by?


    I do admit I find this shot kind of funny to think about. Rarity is always the hard workers when it comes to sewing and Rainbow Dash is usually the slacker. Just to see it in a reverse form is kind of funny since this whole project is still about them slacking off from taking the tests. The irony in all this is comedic gold we were not meant to process.


    Still best Disney Princess even while doing something that’s not really so noble. But if it means getting to see Fluttershy whistle at birds to do her bidding, I’m all for it. Though I have no idea why she had to whistle instead of talking, but I know it’s just to give surprise to what they come up with.


    Big Mama Flutters don’t play that around here. These two will get along or both of them are grounded from the snow day heist. But now we see how important these potatoes are for at least making a somewhat realistic snowman. With cookies for eyes and buttons and a carrot nose. Could’ve just used a couple rocks to sell it, but it’s Pinkie Pie. Don’t question it.


    So this does get annoying at times when these girls seem to forget they have magic powers. I mean Rainbow Dash was having Twilight shoveling the snow with a shovel by hand. And after a little slip, realized she can just lift it with magic. All things can truly be solved with “you have superpowers so be super”.


    Do you see many woodland creatures making statues and works of art for their Disney Princess? This sheer detailing and finish on this ice sculpture? All Snow White and Cinderella’s animals do is clean houses or sew, but this is some top-level worship here that it’s almost kinda scary.


    And the only use of magic we get with Sunset is that the snow remembers turning from vapor to rain to vapor and snow. They really gave my girl the shortest end of the magic stick. We at least get this really cute face, but still. At least we get her painting a great landscape to look like a blizzard so I guess we can leave it at that.

    So here we get the final product of the pseudo snow day along with a little added snow by Twilight. The snowman still looking a little out of sorts and out of place, but that background could’ve been in a museum with how realistic it looked. I had to get both shots just to show that Sunset painted this so well to make it look so natural.

    Aw rats! So close and yet completely blocked by Cranky Doodle Downer here. It’s possible that this would’ve worked when Celestia was picking up the phone to make the call, but wow. What bad timing on that. And if he knew the whole time, why didn’t he say anything? He was able to know it was the girls that did it, but it sure took you a minute to let them finish it.

    Rainbow Dash: “What better way to study than with a hands on project?”

    I can’t tell if Rainbow is just a troll, trying to make up for what happened since they have detention, or if she’s supposed to be a mad genius with that line. The first question on their test was seeing how snow fits into the water cycle and it just so happens they’ve been working with the stuff all day. And if anyone is a science wiz along with a stickler for dialogue, in the beginning of the short, Fluttershy was worried about the difference between vaporization (going from liquid to gas) and sublimation (going from solid to gas). Both terms that involving the water cycle. So their tests were gonna be on things related to the water cycle and snow. Again, don’t know if this means Rainbow Dash is a mad genius or just trying to make light of getting in trouble. 


    Ok maybe for the sake of learning all of this in the process of the fake snow day, maybe not have Pinkie Pie working with potatoes. Might get only half credit if she replaces water with the word potato or something. But at least she’s trying. She did have a battle with a raccoon over this matter.

    And that was Blizzard or Bust, a portion of winter fun with a few twists and great visuals. Just from watching this one short from the many that I’ll be covering, I knew I had to do them all justice. That and this short was about 7 minutes long so I had to break this down to its parts. I loved the montage of making the snow day and even the idea that Rainbow Dash just so happened to plan things going this way or just trying to cover her flank for getting them in trouble makes for an interesting ending. Even with finding out briefly that their test was gonna be about the water cycle and that it related to their fake snow day was really fun and interesting to find out. I really had to look up what sublimation meant in relations to vaporization and just knowing that it was a little hint to what they could expect on the test was kind of a cool bit to put in. This was just all around fun to watch and Pinkie Pie vs. the raccoon made for some great laughs. Look forward to more holiday and winter based shorts since I live in the Midwest and winter goes on until Easter for me anyway so I’ll have plenty to write about. I’m Penny Wrights and it’s time for me to have my own snow day of staying indoors and watching cartoons and a cup of hot chocolate.