• Hearth's Warming Music: The Seeds of the Past/Luna's Future/Silent Night (Dandelion's Remixes) [Orchestral] / TheTaZe - Hearth's Warming Nostalgia [Lo-fi]

    Dandelion responded present to a brony's call to make something for Hearth's Warming to share with the community, with 2 re-releases of lovely remixes of fitting show songs, and a remix of Fluttershy/Andrea Libman's Silent Night! That makes 3 new releases for the holiday, and I so love that dedication and brony spirit!! He's not alone, with TheTaZe sharing a lovely new track made "in a few hours" for the occasion of the holiday, that uses pony samples and delivers in her signature style! Hearth's Warming is very warm thanks to ponies and bronies around!

    Daniel Ingram - The Seeds of the Past (Dandelion Remix)

    Daniel Ingram - Luna's Future (Dandelion Remix)

    Franz Xaver Gruber & Daniel Ingram - Silent Night (Dandelion Remix)

    TheTaZe - Hearth's Warming Nostalgia