• More Pony Music! Pony Life, Twilight, Fluttershy Themes!

    Here's a new roundup of the other pony endeavors made in our music scene! Various themes and vocal samples, a cover and a remix, and some experimental stuff too! Party on!

    1. To Smile! - Main Theme (Sunken Horizons OST) (Covering Noc)

    Instrumental - Acoustic

    To Smile/Rinnie covered Noc's OST track and that is such an awesome surprise! This version is using the acoustic guitar to convey similar vibes fitting to that part of the story!

    2. GazPony - Chaos

    Vocal - Rock

    GazPony's own Pony Life-inspired song, 100% not written on potions!

    3. Daniel Ingram - Unleash The Magic (Nyancat380 Remix)

    Vocal - Trip Hop

    A trippy and whimsical remix taking us through dark roads and the original vocals!

    4. Faulty - Immortal No More (feat. 4EverfreeBrony)

    Vocal - Progressive House

    One of Faulty's contributions to [email protected] Eclipse, Immortal No More has got to be about Twilight's new role as the ruler of Equestria and how she feels about it, when you look at those lyrics!

    5. Japkozjad - Oh my... WAIT

    Vocal - Electronic

    Making use of pony vocal samples, Japkozjad delivered a cute little song!

    6. DJ Bron3 - My Party

    Instrumental - Electronic

    Everyday is a party in the pony music scene, with all of these daily releases!! Also check out DJ Bron3's other recent release, OOPSIE!

    7. Gray Princess Society & lia;quo - One Trick Pony

    Instrumental - Dubstep

    Gray Princess Society, a Japanese virtual duo founded by Quadrivia, and lia;quo collabed to make this sick Dubstep banger for [email protected] Eclipse!

    8. Nyancat380 - Unkindness

    Instrumental - BoomBap

    A cool beat for Mean Fluttershy!

    9. Vylet Pony - The Quest for Ralph Egg

    Vocal - Acapella

    Everything you hear in this song was made from Vylet's vocals! Even the beats! Definitely impressive all that you can do on a computer!

    10. Nyancat380 - Freedom

    Vocal - ???

    Apparently a ponification of the video "I feel fantastic"! Everything will get ponified!! And we can definitely thank Nyancat380 for that!

    11. SmD House - On Mind

    Instrumental - Chillout

    A new mystical and icy track from SmD House! Also check out the musician's other recent release, Change!

    12. Ponytronic - Adios, For Now VIP

    Instrumental - Trip Hop

    A VIP of the VinylTavi song from Ponytronic, with some added story in the description! Also check out Ponytronic's other recent release, Motionless (Acoustic Mix)!


    Prowox - Ciderfest Renegade Stage Set

    AnNy Tr3e - EE Online 2020 Set

    HittCell - A State Of Sugar Mix 2 (without gyroscopix)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!