• Equestria Girls: Sock It To Me Episode Follow Up


    Here we go with another Pick Your Own Ending because these are fun and reading the comments on what endings you guys like the most is fun to read. Today, we look at Rainbow Dash having to do a little shopping for a new lucky sock. Not something I’d expect from one of the biggest egos in the show. And when you’re already super powered, I wouldn’t think luck would even be a thought to her. But here we are looking for a sock filled with luck. If I were to give this short a moral, it would probably be to use the luck you have within you instead of what items you think are lucky. You make your own luck. Either that or use the safety pin trick when doing laundry. Pin your socks together so that they don’t get separated or lost in the wash. Both good things to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at some socks and see how weird this gets.


    Well at least we have our set up for options right away. Looks like we’ll be following along Rarity, Sunset and Pinkie for sock options. I can only imagine the options we would get from any of these girls. Maybe a balloon sock from Pinkie or something?

     And this is the face of someone who’s gonna have a hard time hiding a bright pink body in the Everfree Forest. Pinkie I have many concerns for you. Especially with how you pull out a giant wad of socks from your hair. I know the golden rule of “it’s Pinkie Pie, don’t question it”, but how much are you carrying in that interdimensional portal you call hair? But at least Pinkie is down for the sockless revolution. Might not be good for your feet in the long run, though.


    Rarity: “Your most brilliant friend has come up with a solution.”

    RD: “Uh…Twilight?”

    Yeah I know it’s petty. But this was just a great joke. I couldn’t resist. You even had Sunset looking around for Twilight. Sorry Rarity. We still appreciate your fashion genius.

    Well I guess Pinkie Pie is still working on that revolution of socks so she might not be our option here. In fact she might be looking at detention with her throwing socks everywhere. And why is Trixie in this shot? Wait a minute…


    Oh…well…this was not the options I was expecting to get in this moment. Guess Sunset is sitting this one out as well. So for a lucky sock fix, we have a fashionista, a muscle head, and a self-absorbed, second rate illusionist (Discord’s words, not mine). Let’s see how this turns out.

    Rarity Option


    Yeah can’t say I didn’t see this idea coming. But literally having a full table and sewing machine at school. Did this fit in her locker with all the other stuff in it? And to my knowledge, I don’t think this is how luck works if you put all your energy in a different sick than just making a new sock. 


    Ok I have no idea how this would be comfortable at all. You have these huge gems just protruding out of every side and it looks like it’s covered in glitter. I know Rarity has a habit of form over function, but come on. It’s a sporting event. And she could’ve at least just done a matching sock so it doesn’t look so mismatched.

    Rainbow Dash use GLARE! It’s super effective. No really. Does this count in soccer at all? Wearing something flashy that can catch the light and blind people near you? Because I’ve seen Fall Weather Friends and this definitely feels like cheating.


    I think this was just the icing on the cake. No only did Rainbow Dash show a smidge of humble pie saying it wasn’t all her doing, but then getting the credit passed onto the glowing sock. What a show stopping soccer sock as it still glows in the light. Guess Crystal Prep didn’t shine on this field today. 

    (Ok I’m done now)


    Rarity: “Now that’s what I call fashion forward.”
    RD: “Actually I play left back.”

    I’m sorry I thought this was an Equestria Girls short, not an Abbot and Costello short. Overall, not the most comfy looking sock, but it did help get the win in a slightly illegal feeling way. Major points for this ending line just because it was just that funny.

    Trixie Option


    Well I guess Trixie wouldn’t be Trixie if she didn’t have some form of a lucky or magical item. A sock wouldn’t exactly be on my list of magic items to keep in my fancy hat, but to each their own. Not everybody has a case of stuff to drag around.


    So in order, we have a regular sock, an unlucky sock, and finally her lucky sock. And after a quick search on Google, I came to realize that you can’t see her socks in any outfit she’s worn. The boots are usually reaching to the knee so I have no idea if these socks hold any special meaning as to why they’re lucky or unlucky. All still cute socks though. I’d buy a pair of my own.


    Also it turns out her hat is also her laundry bag? That’s…concerning. Maybe a trunk would’ve been better in this case. Even Rainbow Dash is looking a bit put off.


    Well…didn’t expect an actual magical thing to be wrong with the sock. It seems to be moving and glowing on its own without the aid of giant gemstones to make it glow.


    Trixie….what have you done this time? This is most guilty look I’ve seen from her and there doesn’t seem to be anything magical happening to her or any show that she’s doing anything. What could be the cause of this strange occurrence?


    No. No, no, no, and no. I will follow along with any other magical options or happenings, but a random bunny rabbit caused the glowing and pulling a full teenager around by her leg? Not to mention, Rainbow, how did you not feel a rabbit was in your shoe? How is this rabbit even still alive? I want to think maybe it just appeared, but it still makes no sense how RD couldn’t feel it in her shoe. This one might be too hard to swallow on so many accounts on crazy.

    Bulk Biceps Option


    Oh no. Honey, what is you doing? There’s no way going barefoot is worse than whatever 5 year stink is on that thing. There’s no reason to do this Rainbow. Just none whatsoever. 


    Nice continuity with Fluttershy still announcing the sporting games from Fluttershy’s Butterflies. Too bad for her and this bird being right in the action of Bulk’s sock. That is an impressive stink to reach that high.


    Obligatory blushing Rainbow Dash because this embarrassed face is just too cute. And I can’t imagine the internal screaming going on in her head as everyone wonders about her bathing routine at this point. RD there’s being a good sport and a trooper, but this might be your reached limit.


    Honestly it’s getting hard to tell which face might be the best. Norm at the top just passed out with his eyes open or Apple Bloom who looks like she has seen some things and they weren’t pretty. Poor Scootaloo. Rainbow Dash is your idol and right now you can’t even look at her. Probably because your eyes are tearing up from the smell.


    I won’t deny literally being shook at what Bulk said. He basically made it all up and just told Rainbow Dash that the luck was all her and that it was a lesson in being confident in yourself. The one thing I wouldn’t think Rainbow Dash was bad at. It just made sense and the fact that it came from someone who’s usual dialogue was shouting “YEAH!” makes it pretty impressive for his character. 


    Ok as good of a moral that was, was making her wear that smelly sock any help to the point? I mean it wasn’t luck that got the win. It was everyone having a sense of smell. Little on the trolling side Bulk, but I know your heart and idea was in the right place.

    And that was Sock It To Me, a random assortment of options with some plot twists I was not expecting. Rarity’s option was pretty standard to her personality, Trixie’s was just too farfetched for me to even logic around, and Bulk Bicep’s was actually really insightful and sweet even with a small hint of trolling. At least in terms of socks, Trixie’s had some comfy looking ones but maybe not include a live animal in it. Seriously, how was that not just a blood PG-13 mess? Just remember to keep the luck you have going for you and not rely too much on objects to do it for you. I’m Penny Wrights and now I wanna buy some fuzzy socks to use to beat video games with.