• How Would You Like a "Sweetie Bot is a Robot" Series to Play Out?

    After listening to this nonstop for the last 2 days, I think it's time to discuss Sweetie Bot!

    Friendship is Witchcraft introduced the idea as a joke ages ago, and over the years it has kinda spawned a very small mini-fandom of it's own. It grows and dies based on what is released within, but the concept still remains.

    Our favorite hypothetical Hasbro executive has returned once again from a board meeting demanding more technological presence in pony to appeal to zoomers. He recommends Sweetie Bot. How would you make it work? Do you go all in turning her into a badass robot on the run trying to discover why she exists? Or is it more down to earth and silly like the Friendship is Witchcraft version?

    Discuss below!