• Pony Rap Music: Rubber - Without Friends EP [Hip Hop]

    Rubber just released a whole EP full of heartfelt rap, pony lyrics, pony vocal samples, and dark instrumentals fitting for the weigh of the messages expressed here. Nevermourn did the mixing and mastering for most tracks, while TCB did the instrumental of the last track Thalassophobia, and there are also vocal collabs with Ditherer and ZD! Rubber has drawn the cover art of the EP himself too, and it sure is expressing a lot. The EP is available both on YouTube (videos embedded below the break) and on Soundcloud. Let's wish Rubber the best and send him our support everypony! That's what we do, for we are bronies!

    (Dark cover art warning)

    Rubber - Without Friends

    Rubber - Clockwork Heart (feat. Ditherer & ZD)

    Rubber - Thirteenth Hour

    Rubber - Thalassophobia (feat. Ditherer) (prod. TCB)