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    •  New Types of Warriors
    • A Chance for Cozy?
    •  Self-Entitlement is Not Magic
    •  Princess Celestia Was NOT Out of Character in Season 9

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    New Types of Warriors 

    By: Double C

    For years we have seen the Royal Guards protecting the peace and mostly the princesses except for Twilight. But we still don’t’ know more about them like history, training, ranks, and fighting style. This was the second reason Flash Sentry should have appeared for he would explain about which he will when he trains Gallus. However other kingdoms seem to have their own royal guards with their own armor design to distinguish them from others. Royal Guards have existed for 5,000 years with every civilization had their own from ancient Mesopotamia to the modern day. Some were only train to protect the royal families while others were train both as guards and elite troops on the battlefield. Ones like the Persian Immortals and Varangian Guards were the Special Forces of their days who are forerunners of modern Special Forces like the US Navy SEALs and British SAS. If there was one warrior in history that IDW should introduce that is the samurai. 

    The armor the samurai’s had especially the helmet is the most artistic than any other warriors in history. Both the Equestrian Royal Guards and samurais have a bidder rivalry because both side claim they are the best warrior in the world. In an IDW idea, Celestia would send a young Flash Sentry to a MLP version of Japan as an attaché to study the samurai culture and tradition. While there, he would make friends with some like his master who showed him the katana and made one adversary who he needs Twilight’s help with. While there are good guards, some have gone from bad to worst. This would be the opportunity for the black knight from the Arthurian legend because he is the most popular bad guy. His back story will be different but he symbolizes death and destruction due to the color of his armor and a mist surround him where ever he goes. An idea is that a tournament is held for every royal guard and warriors to participate in to claim the title Deadliest Warrior. 

    This is influence from a TV show on SPIKE called Deadliest Warrior where scientist, doctors, and historians compare two warriors in history to see who is better than the other. But in this one it’s forbidden to kill instead determine on the team’s ability of endurance and team work. The goal is to help build trust between these different warriors so they don’t cause any infighting. Which warrior in history would you guys like for IDW to at least have their armor shown? 


    A Chance for Cozy?

    By Alexrioponylover95


    Hello everycreature!

    So before we get started on this topic, I will say that I’m actually all for keeping Cozy Glow stoned alongside Chrysalis and Tirek and she shouldn’t be let out at all! That said, I still wanted to explore the topic of Cozy’s reformation if the ponies one day decided to release her and give her another chance.

    So lets recap on Cozy’s crimes against Equestria first shall we…

    She first tried to drain all of the magic from Equestria through a magic portal, believing that friendship is power and rule Equestria as the “Empress of Friendship”. And I might add that she’s not even a unicorn, but a pegasus, how she created a magic portal on her own I have no idea…

    Then she had a a hoof in causing chaos during Celestia and Luna’s last Summer Sun Celebration in The Summer Sun Setback, messing up the weather patterns in order to steal the spell book with Crysalis and Tirek.

    And finally The Ending of the End… Oh boy… I mean she turned into an alicorn, aimed and fired directly at Twilight and then proceeded to take out Celestia and Luna… Need I say anymore? Remind me again why people believe Cozy should be let out?

    Well lets explore that now…

    The obvious first is that Cozy is a kid after all, unlike Chrysalis and Tirek, who are full grown adults and lived much longer than Cozy. She still has a full life ahead of her, if she were to be let out, (By the way, if she was to be let out… Is she still the same age and in a little filly’s body or she’ll older and has grown bigger?) she can still learn a lot, see the error in her beliefs, maybe be re-accepted into the School of Friendship?

    And we don’t know about Cozy’s past too… She could have these messed up beliefs because her family didn’t treat her right and abused her. Although I have the theory that Cozy is related to Biscuit and Spur from Growing Up is Hard to Do…

    And well I guess there is the question of who would be the one to reform Cozy successfully. The CMCs are a possibility, being the ones who first reached out to her, although maybe they wouldn’t be as willing the second time around. Another option could be Diamond Tiara, which Sawtooth Waves explained in a video of his, so I wouldn’t talk about that. And well another possible option could be Equestria’s youngest and newest princess (No, not Twilight!) Flurry Heart, maybe Cozy could be taken to the Crystal Empire to start her reformation, since the rest of Equestria probably wouldn’t be as open to having Cozy around.

    Of course if Cozy was to be let out, what’s not to say that she would go back to being evil and well definitely Cozy would have to have somepony, probably even several royal guards, watching over her 24/7 to make sure she isn’t up to something. Cozy figured out how to open a magic portal to drain all of Equestria’s magic, what’s not to say she’ll figure out a way to release Chrysalis and Tirek from their stone prison as well and with the two attempt to take over Equestria again?

    In any case, reforming Cozy would be quite a challenge and there is no guarantee that it will work, but there is still a chance and possibility for it to happen. Either that or we get The Ending of the End 2!

    Self-Entitlement is Not Magic
    By IronYoshi

    No fandom is perfect. It's just common knowledge. Of all the fandoms I've been in, the brony community seemed like one free of flaws, but as you dig deeper, there are a couple glaring issues, and perhaps the worst offenders in my opinion is the sense of self-entitlement many fans have.

    Now, what exactly do I mean by "self-entitlement"?  Well basically it narrows down to fans thinking that a certain thing must cater to them and them only, that they see themselves as a "true fan" that all others must meet by, and that they treat their own opinions as abject fact. Many fandoms are pretty guilty of this, just take a look at Star Wars and Transformers. But the brony fandom has unfortunately amassed it's own form of self-entitled fans.

    They think that the series must cater to their liking above all else, fall under the "true fan" mantra, and they treat their opinions as if they were fact. I've seen plenty of self-entitled bronies across the broad, and they're an impossible lot to deal with. The ones that think that because they didn't like a certain season, that means the show suffered because of it, that Hasbro needs to redo an entire season and let FIM continue forth despite the fact that the cast and crew have moved on to other projects, and that anyone who disagrees isn't a real fan. Stuff like that.

    There isn't anything wrong with being passionate about a show or thing, hell, there are a lot of things I am personally passionate about. The problem is letting said passion cloud your judgement like rose-tinted glasses. I mean, I would have loved an entire FIM season or spinoff focused on Celestia, but that probably won't happen, and that's fine. There are healthy ways to express what you love, but putting yourself on a high horse (pun very much intended) isn't the way to do. Don't be like those fans who think the franchise must revolve around them and what they think. Stuff like that will only drag this fandom's reputation down further. I think the show's lessons about friendship really need to be taken to heart in this case.


    Princess Celestia Was NOT Out of Character in Season 9
    By: Chad Wuttke

    Ever since the show ended, one of the most annoying things that has been going around in this fandom is the debate of whether or not Celestia (and Luna) retiring from ruling Equestria was the right move for the show, some even lashing out to say that she was betraying her kingdom and giving Twilight something she never asked for, thus deeming her to be out of character. However, I think that statement is outright ridiculous and wrong.

    You see, Celestia has pretty much ruled Equestria by herself for 1,000 years ever since she had to use the Elements of Harmony to banish her sister to the moon, managing the tasks of raising and lowering both the sun and the moon among being the one to lead all of Equestria during times both good and bad in Luna's absence. Fast forward to the present day and then comes Twilight and her friends, having been the ones to wield the Elements of Harmony after Luna's return as Nightmare Moon, thus defeating her and reuniting the two sisters to rule Equestria together once more. With the Royal Sisters no longer connected to the Elements themselves at that point, it's a pretty common complaint from fans that they usually get their flanks handed to them by the show's present day villains. However, it can be argued that with the passage of time and age, Celestia and Luna, while still pretty powerful alicorns, aren't as powerful as they used to be way back then. Furthermore, with Twilight and her friends having learned so much about friendship and having saved Equestria and beyond several times, it became increasingly apparent for the Royal Sisters that they were almost no longer needed to rule Equestria. Besides, Lauren Faust has said that part of her vision for the series was that Twilight would be the one to succeed Celestia as ruler, so seeing that this part of her vision was ultimately realized with the show properly ending on its own terms is, by all means, an honor. Also, to be fair, with her serving as a mentor to Twilight, Celestia didn't exactly have the most development of any character in the show since there weren't a lot of episodes dedicated to her and Luna.

    With all of that mind, that is why Celestia was never really out of character in Season 9 to begin with. If for some reason you still can't accept it, then either go ahead and write your own version of what Season 9 should've been or just move on to another fandom that you want to be a part of. Don't be a jerk and attack others for liking something you don't or demand that Season 9 be officially redone, because that will never happen.