• (Updated) 2 Best Sisters Play Pokemon Snap Taken Down By Youtube for Community Guidelines Violation

    2Snacks over on Youtube has apparently had his Two Best Sisters Play - PKMN Snap taken down for violation of community guidelines. This pretty much came out of nowhere and was apparently reviewed and approved for removal according to the message received up above. 

    They don't list an actual reason for it, and right now it is being appealed. With how viral his more recent videos have become, there is always a chance it was a false flag and lazy Youtube reviewer, or automated bot that caused it. For now, all we can really do is wait for a response and hope it comes back while crossing our fingers Youtube isn't suddenly going after parody videos. 

     Update: It has returned with an age restriction. It looks like the language was the issue. 

    Thanks to Sombra for the heads up.