• Jeremy Whitley Answers Questions on My Little Pony Season 10!

    Good Morning everyone! 

    Did you enjoy the start of My Little Pony Season 10 this past New Comic Book Day? Did it leave you with a ton of questions?

    Well I have good news for you! The lead writer for Season 10, Jeremy Whitley, recently answered a number of common questions that have been popping up since the issue came out on his Twitter Account!

    You can read the whole thing on his twitter feed, but I have also compiled everything in one easy ready after the break!
    Sooooo...I was just reading @MLPSilverQuill's excellent review of today's pony issue (MLP:FiM #89) and it dawns on me, considering the length of time that's passed between when this was supposed to come out and now, that I would like to answer some people's questions re: season 10.

    One: Where is X character?

    My season 10 story is structured much like a throughline in a season of FiM, in that it's the central story but not the only story. There are other writers writing things in the series, so, I have this big central story of exploration and I decided to leave as many places for the other creators to play as possible.

    Starlight is running the school and there will likely be school stories, so I don't have her or the Young 6 in here. Sunburst only appears because he's a historian. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are left to have their own adventures, as is the cast of the Crystal Empire, and Twilight and Spike as they deal with ruling in the absence of the others.

    I didn't want to hog all the toys.

    Two: Why is Zecora so mean to Applejack when she's usually so calm?

    That was kind of my whole concept for this part of the story. We're getting Zecora origin stuff next issue and I wanted it to be clear how raw Zecora's feelings about her homeland still are.

    One of the fun things to me about non-Twilight members of the Mane 6 leading their own teams is they all get to have the Twilight problem of trying to lead while not knowing any more than everybody else, so they make some bad decisions as Applejack does here.

    AND I PROMISE Zecora not rhyming is not a throwaway thing, it's not a joke, it's a part of the story. We've never seen Zecora this emotional before and that's on purpose. This is one of the first chances we've had to see Zecora outside of the comfortable context of the wizened on witch in the woods.

    Three: Why don't we spend much time with the new characters?

    Just you wait. The Zecora arc is four issues and my hope is that you will all know and love them all by the time this is done. I know I do.

    Four: What is Crystal?

    A few people see confused about what type of creature Crystal is. She's a kelpie like Melody Brooke, but part of kelpies' powerset is their ability to control water, including temperature. Crystal chooses to present as ice.

    Surely...that's not a physical manifestation of how she deals with the world. I'm certain there aren't any of you that, if you were able to, would just put on a cold hard demeanor instead of walking around all vulnerable and watery all the time...

    Feel free to let me know if you all have any questions I didn't address. Also big props to @MLPSilverQuill for noting that we made the very intentional choice to model Zecora's homeland as a developed and not...other choices that could have been made.