• 19 of the Best Songs for Griffon Day!

    Griffons aren't well known at all for their musical side, but the fandom has forced them to do it anyway. Below the break, get 19 of the best bird focused song the we've made over the years.

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    PrinceWhateverer - Breaking Bonds 2020 (Ft. P1K, NRG, VooDoo, Suskii & Lulz) [Explicit] by PrinceWhateverer

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    Jyc Row, Francis Vace & WoodLore - Warriors of Griffinstone by Jyc Row

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    Griffin Village - Winter by JackleApp

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    One Small Thing (JTH Remix) by JoinedTheHerd

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    John Kenza - Take to the Sky (feat. Koa) by John Kenza

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    Maybe That's Just What I Need - Luna Jax by Luna Jax

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    Silverstream (Original by Forest Rain) by Forest Rain Media

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    Big Blue (Original by Forest Rain) by Forest Rain Media

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    Frozen Night - Pearl White Eyes by Frozen Night

    [10] Source

    Magic Water (Ponies at Dawn: Enigma) by John Doe

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    The Sacking of Griffonstone feat. CadetRedShirt ([email protected]: Ignite) [Orchestral Soundtrack] by BlueBrony

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    Wrath - By Reverbrony feat. Ponysphere & John Thorsell by Reverb Brony

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    Mirth - By Reverbrony feat. DaWillstanator And Ponysphere by Reverb Brony

    [14] Source

    HACKD - Sunshine Like Marmalade [Neurofunk] | Library Exclusive by Drumscape Library

    [15] Source

    04 Griffon Kingdom - Pony Empires Complete by Carbon Maestro

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    Radiarc - The Griffon Kingdom by Radiarc

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    A Symphony Of Two - Pride by Fellowship Symphonies

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    Raised by Griffons (feat. Whydidimakeasongabouthorses) by Jeff Burgess - Topic

    [19] Source

    Freewave - Lost Treasures by thefreewave