• Fanfic Music: Vylet Pony - Medley of Visions (feat. Briakitten) [Progressive Electronic/Indie Pop]

    As part of an upcoming concept album and fanfic written by Vylet herself, this collab with Briakitten of 20-minutes is nothing short of impressive and breathtaking. It takes you on a journey through sound following the characters of the story, with a progression showcasing many different melodic parts as well as vocals from Vylet. Aside from the melody of the main motif that you can spot several times throughout the experience, the 20-minutes track always does something different in its progression and you never hear the same thing, reminding of other 20-minutes progressive tracks such as Genesis' Supper's Ready (and I can definitely hear some inspiration from that band in several parts of this, check my comment for timestamps!). As an avid fan of Prog Rock and long and progressive tracks, this was definitely a delight!