• 44 Awesome Fanfics to Read for Twilight Day!

    Twilight LOVES to read. You wouldn't want to disappoint her would you?

    We have a swarm of fanfics for you all to dive into today corraled up by our scout Whisper Key. This is a new list compared to last year, so if your favorite isn't here, it was probably over there.

    Go read below!

    Slice of Life

    Chamomile by wishcometrue
    Twilight Sparkle stops by Carousel Boutique for a perfectly ordinary teatime with Rarity.
    Rarity knows it's anything but.

    Happy Endings by Nyronus
    Sunset has Twilight over for their weekly Movie Night when she notices something upsetting: Twilight isn't happy. Sunset tries to pull her girlfriend out of her funk and get to the bottom of what's bothering her, but what can you say when the one you love reveals she's afraid because her life is about to end?
    A story of endings, changes, and friendship.

    Twilightning by Bok
    Twilight Sparkle comes across a small, battered diary detailing a new form of transportation. While the research is sloppy and the notes incomplete, Twilight takes it upon herself to see that the ancient project is completed.
    Of course, nopony said it would be easy.

    A Simpler Time by DJLowrider
    What started as a normal friendly visit ends up taking two ponies on a trip down memory lane that leads them both to realize their friendship began even before Rainbow Dash's first sonic rainboom.

    A Draconequus' Guide to Immortality by ArgonMatrix
    At her coronation after-party, Twilight gets a little freaked out at the prospect of growing into her new life, especially one specific aspect of it. She knows better than anyone that talking her problems over with a friend can help tremendously, but she doesn't have many friends with whom she'd be comfortable talking about this particular problem, let alone ones who would really understand what she's going through.
    ...unless she broadens her definition of "friend."

    Nosflutteratu by Charcoal Quill
    Twilight Sparkle had been looking forward to a quiet, relaxing day with a friend, and at first it seemed that Fluttershy could provide just that. But when Twilight makes a rather unsettling discovery about the pegasus – and her unusually sanguine appetite – the knowledge proves to be anything but relaxing...

    Mood Wings by Tchernobog
    Mood Wings - Observations on Pegasus Body Language.
    When Twilight Sparkle finds this book, she discovers an entirely new field of research. The secrets of pegasus wings lie before her, and she insists on making her own observations on the matter.
    Field research, of course.


    Golly! by TheSlorg
    It's been thirty years since Princess Twilight's coronation. Equestria, now with an abundance of heroes, has pretty much become as peaceful as its ever been—and with Luster Dawn coming to full grips with the magic of friendship, Twilight can finally relax.
    At least, she would if it weren't for Cozy Glow escaping from her prison every other day.

    The Many Resurrections of Twilight Sparkle by GMBlackjack
    Twilight Sparkle is Dead.
    Her friends decide this isn't an acceptable state of affairs and vow to change it.
    They really should have compared notes first.

    The Mating Habits of Equus Pegasus by Juntao112
    Twilight asks Rainbow Dash for advice on how to catch the eye of Flash Sentry. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

    Celestia's Secret Secret Room by naturalbornderpy
    After accidentally learning that each Princess has their very own secret rooms to retreat inside whenever they wish, Twilight Sparkle makes it her mission to uncover just what could be inside Princess Celestia's.
    Perhaps Twilight should have knocked first.

    Best Hell Ever by Rambling Writer
    Suddenly finding herself in hell, Twilight is presented with one fact: for the rest of eternity, she's stuck in a library holding every book possible. She's expected to organize them and is allowed to read them.
    What makes this hell, again?

    Discord's Day by SpinelStride
    Discord has a problem. He has a tendency to not think through his actions all that well, poor impulse control, and no ability to figure out how others will feel about what he does. Even with a friend helping him, sooner or later he's going to do something that'll get him stoned or hit with a reforming spell or whatnot. So what's he to do? Ask the smartest pony in Equestria for a solution, of course!
    He probably wasn't expecting to get "Have Celestia let you rule Equestria again" for a response.
    No one else was probably expecting to enjoy it.

    The Brief Reign of Princess Twily by Forthwith
    Twilight looked over to her dear mentor, Princess Celestia, and found she had once again fallen asleep mid-lesson. Her intense debate on awakening the princess was cut short when the decision was taken out of her hooves.
    “Huh? Oh. Twilight, I am so sorry for falling asleep again. I think we need to reschedule this for tomorrow morning.”
    Twilight nodded. After all, Princess Celestia was obviously overworked. If only there was something she could do to help.

    Worshiping At The Altar Of Knowledge by TCC56
    Rumors of a dark cult on the rise are circulating around Equestria. As Princess, Twilight Sparkle has no choice but to investigate this potentially dangerous development.
    When she finds that the cult is worshiping her as a divine figure, things become more uncomfortable.
    So Twilight falls back to her safe answer: consulting with Celestia for advice.
    Unfortunately, Celestia's answers are not what Twilight expected.

    Shipping Sickness by Skywriter
    Twilight Sparkle flagrantly abuses her Come-To-Life spell, and learns a little bit about love in the process. Also, puns.

    The Princess of Books by anowack
    Celestia had a problem. Somepony wrote a novel about Nightmare Moon's rebellion. This made Luna quite unhappy, and unfortunately for her sister, Luna has not yet gotten the hang of modern traditions like freedom of speech, the abolition of the death penalty, and not bothering Princess Celestia when she's trying to sleep.
    Fortunately, Celestia also had a faithful student, one who is now a Princess with an ill-defined portfolio and perfectly capable of dispensing justice by the laws of both today and one thousand years ago.
    Now Twilight Sparkle has a problem.

    Once In A Purple Moon by Monochromatic
    When five foals asked Princess Twilight Sparkle to please try and paint the moon purple during Nightmare Night, she initially refused. It wasn't until they insisted (and Princess Luna quite basically dared her) that she relented. She only relented, however, because she really thought she wouldn't be able to do it.
    Too bad she thought wrong.

    A Twilight Sparkle Story by Obselescence
    The story of Twilight Sparkle and her harrowing journey to Fluttershy's cottage, as narrated by the extraordinarily clever and handsome Discord.
    This story is a sequel to A Twilight Sparkle Story.

    A Twilight Sparkle Story by Obselescence
    The short tale of how I was trapped in a diabolical plot by a certain purple pony, and conclusive evidence that Twilight Sparkle may in fact be deranged.
    The charming prequel to A Twilight Sparkle Story.


    In a Hole in the Ground… by Impossible Numbers
    Twilight Velvet's mind was stuck. She only wanted to write her magnum opus; how else could she explore the fantasy worlds of her past? It's just a shame her daughter is more interested in long words than she is in tall tales.

    What They Deserve by Flashgen
    Twilight has been writing a book for a few weeks, about her friends and all of their adventures. The only problem is she can't seem to end it.

    A Lament for the Lost by President Dead
    Plagued by haunting dreams of another life and another world, Twilight returns to her old therapist one final time in a desperate bid for answers.

    A Sparkle in the Darkness by tom117z
    Following the return of the Crystal Empire, Twilight begins some intensive research into the history of the Empire and its late king. Modern historians know next to nothing about the enigmatic dark mage. Who was he? Did he have family? Loved ones?
    The answers to those questions changes everything the Element of Magic knows about herself, and in doing so catches the attention of a shadow that yet clings to the frailty of life...

    The Order by Bad_Seed_72
    There are many axioms in Equestria. "Go with the grain." "Count your blessings." "Strive to be happy with what you have."
    And, though left unsaid, the most important one of all: "Know your place."
    Although Flash Sentry loves Twilight, she can never know of his love. She can never return the feelings. It wouldn't be proper. After all, social order is more important than fulfilling one's own wishes.

    In Memory Of by Obselescence
    Dear Princess Celestia,
    I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. Things seem to be falling through the cracks lately. Spike thinks I should go see the doctor, but...


    Storefronts by Undome Tinwe
    On a cold rainy evening in Canterlot, Professor Twilight Sparkle takes shelter in a familiar store, and comes face to face with a woman from her own past.

    Perfectly Imperfect by Baal Bunny
    In the swirl of events surrounding her accession to the Equestrian throne, Twilight seems mostly concerned that Fluttershy may have developed a crush on her. Fortunately, Rarity's there for her.
    Rarity will always be there for her.

    Such Sweet Poison by AugieDog
    When Twilight becomes determined to unravel the mystery of how poison joke does what it does, Fluttershy agrees to help since her reaction to the flower is the least debilitating among all their friends. Things don't go as planned, of course, and the experience changes Fluttershy and Twilight's lives in ways neither of them could ever have imagined.

    A Guard and a Princess by TorontoFCBrony
    Twilight Sparkle, a new ruler in Equestria, has only been a princess for a few weeks. She just returned from an adventure in a new world that she never knew of, but she still doesn't feel ready for life as a leader. On the other hoof, Flash Sentry is just a new member of the Canterlot Royal Guard. As a member of the guard, his job is to protect the three princesses in Canterlot, as well as tour with them wherever they go. This turns into a romantic relationship, and they live happily ever after.
    Actually, no they don't. That only happens in fairy tales.

    The Lavender Letter by Sunchaser
    Twilight has something she needs to tell Princess Celestia--something that means a chance at getting everything she's ever wanted, or of losing everything she's ever had.
    Something so terrifying that the only way she could say it was in a letter...and so wonderful that she had the courage to send it.

    Patterns by Undome Tinwe
    Rarity discovers a pattern in her relationship with Twilight, and wonders what she may have given up for love.

    Yours Truly by Thanqol
    Distance can drive us apart. It can also bring us closer together.
    After all is said and done, and the ponies have gone their separate ways, the only way they have to keep in touch is through letters.

    The Queen's Secret Crush by Monochromatic
    After Queen Rarity once more rejects the advances of one of the many noble ponies who seek her affection, Princess Sweetie Belle finds out that her sister is secretly in-love with somepony else, thus her heart-breaking streak. Alone in the throne room with her sister and the royal body guard, Twilight Sparkle, the young princess decides that she's going to find out the identity of Rarity's secret crush, no matter what.

    Common Sky by SyrinKitty
    Twilight ventures out into the mountains to see a once-in-a-lifetime event. Disappointed by her friends not coming with her, Twilight crosses paths with a kindred spirit.


    The Joys of Homework on Hearth’s Warming by Pascoite
    The assignment Miss Cheerilee gave the class should have been simple. But it got Sweetie Belle thinking about her Hearth’s Warming present for Rarity.
    It’s complicated. Maybe Twilight can help.

    Dreams' Horizon by DrakeyC
    Twilight Sparkle has always respected the laws of science and magic. It's a respect that got her a scholarship to SGU, where she formed a small but comfortable group of friends and has received top grades in her two years there. It's a life that makes sense.
    With her final year beginning and a special instruction from the Princess to bond with a fellow pupil, Twilight has enough to fill her life and her mind. It doesn't make sense that she should have recurring dreams about a mysterious mare, that this mare seems eerily familiar despite being a total stranger, or that she can recall the dreams with unusual clarity.
    Twilight has questions about Equestria and about herself, and the answers could reshape her perception of both. She begins her research with a central question:
    What lies beyond the edge of a dream?

    The Archetypist by Cold in Gardez
    Why do ponies dream? Why do we all seem to dream the same dreams?
    What if we started to dream new things?
    Discord said he wanted to make our dreams more interesting. Add some spice to our boring nocturnal lives. Nothing dangerous – just a bit of excitement to talk about in the mornings.
    "Stop worrying so much, Twilight Sparkle," he said. "After all, dreams never hurt anypony."
    How I wish he’d been right.

    Twilight Sparkle vs Social Justice by GaPJaxie
    Ponyville is celebrating its history wrong. Luckily, Twilight is there to explain things to them!

    A Nice Game of Chess by Rambling Writer
    After dying in a train crash, Twilight finds herself offered a deal by the Reaper: a game of chess for her soul. Twilight accepts, but there's something off about the game. Something she can't put her hoof on.
    But the answer to that question is just perfect for who she is.


    Lunar Rosemary by Liquid Truth
    There are a lot of different worlds out there, connected with infinite expanses of bizarre biomes known as the Worldsbridges. Twilight is in one of them, lost and unable to get back.
    Guided by the silent music of the Worldsbridges themselves, Luna journeyed to find her, even if it means walking the endless roads forevermore.

    Double Trouble: The Flaws Within by Masterius
    When Sunset Shimmer decided to return to Equestria to right past wrongs, neither she nor her friend Princess Twilight Sparkle could possibly imagine the series of events resulting from that decision.
    With the Crystal Mirror irrevocably broken, Princess Twilight is now stranded in the other world, while the highly agitated, furious, and unhelpful human Twilight is equally stranded in Equestria. Sunset Shimmer--still new to friendship--now faces enormous challenges as she struggles to solve the seemingly impossible: how to send the human Twilight back while also bringing Princess Twilight back, when the only portal between worlds has been destroyed...and how to heal her former mentor and teacher, Princess Celestia, who has been stricken by a debilitating illness.
    With the prickly and standoffish Twilight refusing to help--and, more often than not, injuring feelings and infuriating tempers--the fate of both worlds rests squarely on her shoulders.

    Magisight: Thaumaturgical Ocularity by PsychicKid
    What began as a studious endeavor into the origins of tribal magic quickly becomes rife with bedraggled exhaustion as a strange message invades Twilight's dreams, forcing her research to take a drastic new course that leads her on an adventure all across Equestria. For every answer she finds, yet more mysteries arise. What is the source of the daunting dreams which plague her at every moment's rest? Will she see with eyes unclouded... or lose sight of what's truly important?

    Elements of Harmony by Starscribe
    Starlight Glimmer had the perfect plan: using Star Swirl's time travel spell, erase the Sonic Rainboom and everything it did. After failing to stop her, Twilight was returned abruptly to an Equestria that bears little resemblance to her home, where the other Elements of Harmony don't even know her name.
    It should've been simple then: use Star Swirl's magic to return to the past and stop Starlight from changing things. Unfortunately for Twilight, all the magic in the Cutie Map is gone. She'll have to find another way to put Equestria right, and fast. After all, the Elements didn't stop Nightmare Moon...