• 37 of the Best Songs to Listen to for Twilight Sparkle Day!

    That's a fandom classic right there.

    We've got some of the best songs created in Twilight's name over the years from pretty much every genre out there. Head on down below to listen!

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    Aviators - Open Your Eyes (MLP Song) by Aviators

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    It'll Be OK (FiW original song) by SherclopPones

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    MLP Fighting is Magic - Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme by RC88

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    4everfreebrony - Chant of Immortality (ft. Chi-Chi) by 4everfreebrony

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    Faster Than You Know (Song) - BlackGryph0n & Baasik by Black Gryph0n

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    PrinceWhateverer - Frailty (Ft. Milkymomo) [REINVENT] by PrinceWhateverer

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    Crepuscularity (Twilight Sparkle's Theme) [Original] by Acoustic Brony

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    Aviators - One Last Letter (Feat. Bronyfied) by Aviators

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    MLP:FiM Princess Twilight Orchestral Suite by MelodicPony

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    Sombra's Door (AwkwardMarina) by Awkward Marina

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    4everfreebrony - Thought I'd Let You Know (ft. Relative|Pitch) by 4everfreebrony

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    4everfreebrony - A Final Twilight (re-recorded cover feat. GigglyMaria) by 4everfreebrony

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    4EverfreeBrony & Replacer - Piece Of History [Pop Rock] by Ponies At Dawn

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    SoGreatandPowerful : Your Faithful Student by SoGreatandPowerfulArchives

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    The Twilight Will Rise ft. Megaphoric and Joaftheloaf by Turquoise Splash

    [16] Source

    ArtAttack - Twistrike by ArtAttack

    [17] Source

    Omnipony - Time Is Running Out by OMNIPONY

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    Foozogz - Behold by Foozogz

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    Sim Gretina feat. Chichi - What Your Friendship Means To Me/Ponylude by Sim Gretina

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    Wasteland Wailers - Whole Lotta Magic (feat. Haymaker) by OvermareStudios

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    loophoof - Would Stay by loophoof

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    A Friend For Life (Flaedr Remix) by Flaedr

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    JayB & Giggly Maria - Rain by JayB

    [24] Source

    【Music】My Letter to the Princess | (Big Collab — Farewell to FiM) by Vylet Pony

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    This Feeling (w/ FraGmenTd, ft. Josh Makosky) by Metajoker

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    (Epic Orchestral) The Hour of Twilight by Zephysonas

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    [Alicornae EP] Jyc Row - Magia Twilight by Jyc Row

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    UndreamedPanic - Chocolate Pudding by UndreamedPanic

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    Jastrian - Friendship Princess (Feat. FritzyBeat and Faux Synder) by Jastrian

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    Andi & Adgee ~ Magic Dance by &I

    [31] Source

    After All by SherbetSix

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    Forgive Me - Luna Jax by Luna Jax

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    "Twilight's Lament" ft. Wubcake - Original song from Journey of the Spark by Forest Rain Media

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    Velvet R. Wings & SDreamExplorerS - Stargazer by Velvet R. Wings & ILLUMNATION

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    The New Librarian by Francis Vace

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    Evdog - Through The Veil [The Rest of Our Lives] by Evdog Music

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    IgnaPon3 - Your Mind by Igna

    Open songs submitted for Twilight Day

    [1] Source

    Voltex Pixel - Futuristic Minimalism (Radio Edit) | Equinity 03: BREACH by Voltex Pixel

    [2] Source

    Remix - It'll Be OK by Sherclop Pones by Doxypony