• Scootaloo & Rainbow Dash Music & PMV Collab: Sawtooth Waves - To The Skies (feat. Chi-Chi) [House]

    The PMV and the pony music sides of the community have come together once again to make a breathtaking tribute, and as a PMV editor myself, that makes me very happy!! I'm also much delighted by the fact that this is all about Scootaloo and her desire to fly, and her relationship with Dashie! I love those two and their sisterly relationship so much!! I won't give you spoilers, but I think you will love the message behind this song! Sawtooth Waves (formerly The Brony Notion) did amazing with a very emotional instrumental and Chi-Chi absolutely aced those vocals. And all of my PMV editor mates did absolutely amazing with the visuals too, with lots of custom animations, custom scenes, drawings, and even PIRL!! A stunning experience where pony music and PMV come together to pay tribute to our beloved Scootaloo, and spread a positive message! Love you all everypony who contributed to this piece of art and pony feelings! Links to everypony's channels in the description on YouTube!