• Pony Concept-powered Compilation Album: Equestrian Terror Corps - COREQUESTRIA Vol. 1: Ponyville

    I just got back from the live release party of this new compilation album from pony Hardcore label Equestrian Terror Corps, and oh wow I was so blown away by the whole album!! So much creativity, and so many lovely and fun pony themes following the concept of the album! This opener album in the COREQUESTRIA series is themed around Ponyville, listen for yourself to hear all of the madness happening there!! With DAϟH and Payyn's PONYVILLE WELCOMING COMMITTEE (track #1), track #8 Discorded Ponyville that is the musical recreation of that time when Discord took over Ponyville with chaos, Spikey Wikey's emotional VIP of Facts and Figures (track #12), DJ BOWSER'S track with the self-explaining title PINKIE! PIE! MAKES! DIGITAL! HARDCORE! (track #21), track #23 with an awesome and fun concept executed so perfectly in the music, or track #24 from Nyancat380 titled Wake Me Up Princess Luna​!​! and effectively recreating Scootaloo's nightmare in musical form... or any of the other unique pony experiences from the album, savor the musicians' amazing creativity, artistic vision, talent and passion!! Thank you DAϟH and Payyn for organizing this!

    Download the album from Bandcamp here.