• Fanfiction (Scouted) - Empathy for the Devil (Art by Actual Equestria Girls Staff Artist!) (Update Parts 8-12)

    Here's an interesting one for all of you Equestria Girls fans out there. A new novel-length story has been written, complete with art from Bevin Brand, an actual artist that worked on the real Equestria Girls. Each chapter will released every other day with art included.

    The actual story is written by our own Marvel&Ponder here on EQD.

    Two chapters are released so far. Have the usual fanfic tags, and get a few sample drawings below the break!


    Author: Marvel&Ponder
    Description:  Sunset Shimmer and her friends receive remarkable news: Princess Twilight is poised to become the queen of all Equestria! As the girls celebrate the invitation to their friend's upcoming coronation, Sunset's horrified to find that she's not just selflessly happy for her best friend. If not princesshood, what's she meant to do with her life anyway? What's her destiny in the human world?

    As Equestrian Magic grows more powerful due to an ominous, inter-dimensional rip in space-time above Canterlot High, Sunset's friends are affected by a dangerous, new magic and she's left to wonder if she's done more harm here than good.
    Empathy for the Devil (New Chapters 8-12!)