• Wonders Of Dreams Album: Nicolas Dominique - Dreamshaper [Ambient/Chillout]

    Nicolas Dominique released a full album of meticulously crafted Ambient Chillout Experiences, more leaning on the Ambient side this time, to my greatest delight since I'm always looking for new Ambient experiences to enjoy while on Night strolls! The album is themed around the power of dreams as explained in the description on YouTube, and it has an ethereal and mysterious artwork including Celestia and Luna's silhouettes as the cover art. I listened to the album and it was a blissful and soothing experience, all while being quite intricate and rich, beautifully reflecting the wonders of dreams indeed! Some parts were also quite emotional and otherworldly! You can get the album through this continuous mix for free, or through Bandcamp! The video embedded below also has the mix of the full album, but I recommend listening from the 320kbps file of the continuous mix and with headphones for an optimal experience!