• Equestria Girls "Monday Blues" Follow Up

    I have no idea why it took me this long to do this music video. I literally post these on Sundays. I’m always feeling Monday blues. So this might actually be one of my favorite songs done by the show and I can’t say it’s not something relatable. I think just about every line of the song hit the nail on the head of waking up early Monday for work or school. If I can give a moral to this video, I’d say that surviving Mondays is a lot better when you have someone to survive it with. Either that or get accustomed to coffee. It helps.

    “Wake up in the morning and I pull the cover over my head.”

    This song had me hooked from the very first line. This feeling on not even wanting to acknowledge that you’re awake is what makes me want to sleep walk so I can get moving and not have to be awake for it. Also nice to see that not everybody is a Disney Princess waking up with perfect hair and makeup.

    Yeah that Snooze button is a killer to get over in the morning. Sunset literally slaps it about 3 times in the video. And somehow her hair is still stuck in place.

    Yes Twilight, we know. You wake up looking forward to school. We get it! But it makes it even better when even perfect student Twilight can have a few slip ups after leaving the house. Also, but props to the cute pictures of Spike on the wall. That bottom shot is killing me with cuteness.

    Bad hair, don’t care. This reaction holds so much merit. No matter what you’re looking like in the morning, work with what you got. Great moment for Sunset for me and who knows. Maybe she was late for lessons with Princess Celestia a few times, too.

    Rule of thumb: check the weather before leaving the house. I live in the Midwest and if there’s one thing I know, Michigan has no stable seasons. We experience 20 seasons and weather changes in a week. Sudden downpours, then sun, then snow flurry, then a clear night. That is our “spring time”. But at least Sunset’s hair is down again.

    Relatable moment #37. This has happened to me and it was a bus. How does this bus driver even live with himself with this? And then that’s the very bus you need to catch and it just pulls off without you. Oh the agony of this moment!!!

    Yep. Like I said, coffee. And the fact that Sunset had enough time to grab coffee early in the morning on a Monday just shows she might be taking her time. Tell me again how Sunset is just a high school student and not already in college.

    I’m sure original mean Sunset from the first movie would’ve torn this guy apart for spilling the coffee. But I really couldn’t be mad at a guy who buys his dog a raincoat and not even wearing one himself. Good on you Indigo Wreath for being a good dog owner. Literally. Any moment you see of him he’s walking this dog. On another note, that fall Sunset took still sucks.

    “You’ll get through it, you can do it, with your gals there’s nothing to it.”
    That line as they’re making a dash to school and looking at a picture of their friends just warms the heart. I can’t be too cynical with this one. It just feels good to know you have someone who has your back even when the day is long even in the morning. And these two characters specifically have come a long way from that type of loneliness. I think that’s what really sinks in about this split screen video with Twilight and Sunset. Both socially distant and lonely characters, but not anymore. And with that line in the song, it just makes it all the more better.

    Sunset literally stops running to pet a cat. Best pony ever!!!

    Yeah I think this also hits home for a lot of people. You might be having a rough day, but so might your friends. I can’t imagine what would’ve made Rarity that late to still have rollers in her hair and makeup running.

    So we also get Fluttershy looking like she slept in a tree and…the random return of Pinkamena. Uhh…I know the internet has taken the random occurrence of sad Pinkie Pie from the “Party of One” episode to some “creepy” extremes, but what happened with this Pinkie to get like that? From the pony world, it was her friends avoiding her and not going to a party she planned for Gummy’s After-Birthday. So what happened here that makes her hair deflate? What happened during that weekend? I think even the others want to know with how shocked they are.

    Yeah these girls are indestructible. How do you run at full speed to the point your shoes burned out and run head first into a locker? Look at that indent behind Rarity. That is not an injury you just shake off. I’d expect it from Applejack with her super strength, but does super speed make you not take physical damage?

    Applejack’s only flub is having super cute and comfy looking slippers. I wish a teacher would tell me to change shoes. There’s literally no uniform at the school. I’ll wear bunny slippers if I want.

    Well I guess whatever mood Pinkie was in ended. She’s pretty much the only normal looking one here now. And the idea that Rarity doesn’t mind taking a picture looking the way she does also makes her more into being with her friends than looking her best. Especially when nobody else is looking 100% either.
    And that was Monday Blues, a highly relatable music video with a good hearted message. I can’t tell you the number of times things like this has happened during my school days. Messy hair, not wearing the right clothes, even getting rained on and having to come to school damp from rain. And it doesn’t even need to be Monday for that to happen. I love the song and still listen to it just to get those feel good moments. Paired with some laughable moments with the cast and you have a memorable music video that will make your Mondays feel a little less lonely. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta plan for hibernating through Monday.