• Ignite Tracks! Starlight, Berry Punch, Griffonstone Themes!

    What we call the "P@D rush" internally at Horse Music Herald is still underway! Since Ponies at Dawn Ignite has dropped, many of the contributing musicians uploaded their songs on YouTube, so here is another roundup post of those songs! On the menu, a Starlight-themed track from 4EverfreeBrony, a Berry Punch-themed track from Luna Ticks, a new retelling of Griffonstone lore from BlueBrony and Cadet, and more!

    4EverfreeBrony - Fly My Kite

    John Kenza - Take to the Sky (feat. Koa)

    Luna Ticks - Alcohol Like Oxygen

    lia;quo - Crystal Corruption II

    BlueBrony - The Sacking of Griffonstone (feat. CadetRedShirt)

    Replacer - Days Of Silence

    Lavender - Once Again (feat. Synthis)