• Two Episodes of Pony Life Possibly Revaled "The Best of the Worst" and "Princess Probz" - June 13th Airdate

    When Googling Pony Life, you are now treated to listings for two episodes of the show with a June 13th airdate. Apparently it's not dead!

    Where it's airing is still a mystery. Discovery Family was originally the place, but their highlights haven't hinted at any Pony Life coming up, so we don't exactly know yet. I'm sure information will be released soon though.

    Also keep in mind, sometimes google's random episode information isn't entirely accurate, so we are sticking with a possibly here.

    Update 12:10 - Zap2it has a 11:00 AM Discovery Family airing, so keep an eye on that!

    For now, get the episodes below.

    Princess Probz
    Air date: June 13, 2020

    The ponies help Pinkie Pie audition for a televised cooking competition called the Royal Jelly Juggernaut. When the rest of the Mane 6 are caught in a sticky situation, Pinkie Pie has to audition for the Royal Jelly Juggernaut all on her own.

    The Best of the Worst

    Rainbow Dash's compitative spirit is put to the test when a new pony challenges her to a contest unlike any other. Rainbow Dash faces off against Dishwater Slog in a loser-take-all race to finally prove which pony is truly the worst.

    Thanks to Abby for the heads up.