• Pony Pony Wars CCG On Tabletop Simulator in Beta

    A new card game has been in the works for the past 6 months, and they have now opened it up to anyone that wants to give it a shot over on Tabletop Simulator. It's not directly Celestia and Luna, preferring to go with a different naming approach with moonlight and necromancy for the moon, and general magic power for the sun. Rules are here.  Get the presser below!

    Hello this is Dratta Arcana

    I am developing a game called Pony Wars.  It is a MLP Fan-made Collectible Card Game That has been in the works for 6 months. 

    On May 30th during PonyFest online We will hosting an Open Beta and Demo during the online Convention.  The Game will be played Via a Table Top Simulator Mod link below and the Official Pony Wars CCG Discord also below.

    A collaborative work between Dratta Arcana and Scarlet Fury.  With a Team of 7 Individuals from Artists such as Midnightpremiere and TheTimelyAlchemist.
    Team leads include Maverick and Databyte, with beta Testers including King Utopia and Andrew.