• Crossover Fanfic Music: Heartsong - Synthesis [Orchestral/Soundtrack]

    Crossovers are always awesome, not just when you know and can recognize the shows/works involved, but also to make you potentially discover something new that could become important for you! I actually found out about MLP and the community thanks to a crossover animation and crossover fanarts between MLP and animes, posted on a news website I was following! In the same fashion, Heartsong paid tribute to several shows here including MLP and as you could expect the Theme Song is present and covered here among references to the other works. The last dark and emotional part in the track sure sounds awesome and makes me interested! And I can imagine how good this must feel for those who know several of the works referenced here beside MLP! This is a collaboration with G.M. Blackjack and their crossover fanfic The Distant Princess!