• MLP Tribute Compilation Album: The Rest of Our Lives

    After a successful live release party, the previously announced heartfelt compilation album and reunion of many pony musicians is out! Find everypony's wonderful contributions, such as the opener track from Space Horse Manifesto that has got such an emotional music video available on YouTube right now, Ditherer's pony retrospective song featuring Technickel, Mathematicus & And the Rainfall's song The End Of The World that is as deep as it is emotional, Freewave's Ambient beauty that continues its meaning, Direct Current and Evdog's collab that expresses relatable feelings about the show ending and giving strength to take the roads of the future, and many more heartfelt pony tributes and expressions of love from the other contributing musicians!!
    Let Us Cling Together as we go through The Rest of Our Lives united as bronies and pegasisters, with the ponies in our hearts! And of course, let's look forward to the upcoming MLP movie and G5!

    Download the album from Bandcamp here.