• MLP Tribute Project "The Rest of Our Lives" Dropping Soon Along a Live Release Party!

    The teased "mystery album" from many veterans of the pony music scene and newer musicians alike is finally unveiled! The heartfelt initiative to "express feelings of gratitude towards the show, the creators and the fan communities around it" is a surprise compilation album that has been in the works for some time, and it will be released on May 30th along a live release party on Fillydelphia Radio, at 6PM UTC! Come join, Discord server here! The tracklist is already up on Bandcamp right now, check out that amazing roster!! Also a teaser video has been released! And please find below the break the official description of the project, that is so deep, meaningful and relatable for us bronies.

    (Continued after the break)

    Expanded Project Description:

    "The Rest of Our Lives is a fanmade My Little Pony album where musicians come together and express their feelings of gratitude towards the show, the creators and the fan communities around it. It’s a reflection on change, on beginnings and endings.

    Both the title and motif are placed in the morning after the coronation in the finale, when the parties have been celebrated, the thank yous have been told, and the first day of the rest of the character’s lives has begun, lives that they may at times have felt uncertain about, lives that we don’t get to see.

    In a similar fashion, the end of Friendship is Magic is a moment that lends itself to reflection. After years in this fandom we can really take in all that’s happened to us, the friends we’ve made, the experiences we had, the lessons we learned (and continue to learn), and how it might have helped shape our lives too. Chapters end and chapters begin, and who are we now as we stand on these crossroads? When we look out into the rest of our lives, what is it we see?"

    Album Release Info:

    "Join us on Saturday May 30 (6PM UTC) on Fillydelphia Radio for the release stream of The Rest of Our Lives, a compilation album that looks back on 9 years of Friendship is Magic. We will play the album in its entirety and hang out in the server to chat and answer your questions!

    This album's proceedings will go towards COVID-19 relief. Find out more about it in our official release page."