• Fanfiction: A Deer Named John (Update - Part 6!)


    Author: Tael_Spinner
    Five humans fell through the barrier between two worlds, straight into the clutches of King Sombra. Forced to drink from a mystical teapot, their bodies transformed into beasts he could use. With his helmets in place he now commands them:
    The Yak with brutish strength, the Unicorn and his piercing spells, the Thestral who stalks the night battlefields, and the Dragon that rains down fire on those who oppose their Great King. All four now loyal soldiers.
    But what of the fifth? What happened to the last human in the group and why does he not fight alongside the others?
    A Deer Named John (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Magically transformed humans struggle against Sombra's plans.