• Fluffle Puff Tales EG: Episode Follow Up

    If there’s any media that made Chrysalis even more of a waifu than the fans wanted, it would be the YouTube creator Fluffle Puff. Since our Swiss cheese legged queen pretty much only has an Equestria Girls doll and not anything fully canon for EqG, I decided to dive a bit further into the web and dug this up from my moments of binging cool MLP animations. Their animations are mostly in Fluffle Puff and Chrysalis’ pony form, but there were three shorts that took place in the human world and with a sweet and wholesome story no less. I’ll be going over the three shorts since they’re short and a consistent story, but I do recommend going on their channel along with the rest of the media on this header image. So let’s celebrate Chrysalis Day right with some sweetness that even Pinkie Pie would crash after the sugar high.

    Part 1

    So just to start off, I love the designs they came up with to match the style of EqG. With the long hair and body shapes it’s a good fit. Not to mention you can see the personalities of the characters right from this image. Chrysalis wants to be a lone while Fluffle just wants to be near her.

    During this time skip, we see a studying Chrysalis, a girl knowing on a sheet of paper, and a little taste of Falcon Punch in the background. Nothing too out of the ordinary here.

     It really is amazing how much you can get from a few facial changes and a nearly wordless video. Chrysalis is a lonely outcast in this world, similar to Thorax in the pony world. People see she’s different or maybe she just doesn’t know how to fit in. It’s hard to say if it’s a lack of trying and not wanting to let anybody in (i.e Moondancer) or if she’s going through a evil Sunset phase where she’s actually mean and intimidating. But guess who’s there with a fresh pencil and a smile?

    This cutie!

    We also see in the end, Fluffle Puff isn’t just eating paper. She was making a gift that took literally the whole short to complete. And for some unknown reason she can’t use scissors anymore. A bit of a concern, but how can you deny something this sweet?

    Part 2

    Oh yeah. If there’s one thing you hate about living in the city, it’s taking a bus and having that bus pull off right in front of you. The hurt is real on this. And we also see more of the character’s designs here with the large knee-high boots along with some good coloring for their outfits.

    Fluffle Puff also somehow knows how to drive. Not something I would’ve expected, but then again some of the Humane 7 know how to drive. Not sure if I know this car model called Pomf. Very old school in design but I love vintage so much props to the artists.

    So if you needed a clearer shot of the ornament on Fluffle’s mirror, yes it is her pony form. The forth wall shouldn’t be able to take this, but since I can see Pinkie Pie and Fluffle Puff being the best of friends, I’m sure they have tea and cupcakes in the fourth dimension with this college professor with yellow eyes, a brown coat, black hair with white bushy eyebrows, and a voice that sounds like a sci-fi television show.

    And this is where Chrysalis lives in this dimension. Sweet Celestia this hurts the heart. Not only having to live here, but also having a friend see how you’re living. It’s all too sad. I wonder what can break up a bit of the sadness in this scene.

    Ah meta humor. Pointing out something you’re not familiar with and making it into a bit of a joke. I like the idea that this city might be called Canterlot City. Makes sense that it’s probably expensive to live in anyway and this place is probably smaller than Manehattan.

    Yay! Outfit change! I have nothing to really say here. I just think this look is cute on Chrysalis down to the black bow on the side.

    It’s still a sweet sentiment that Fluffle would stay with Chrysalis even if there was nothing to do. The tv doesn’t work so it’s mostly just a quiet scene. You can tell Fluffle is a bit extroverted with just making Chrysalis her friend, but she’s not really a talker. Even in the pony animations she doesn’t really say words compared to Chrysalis who talks every once in a while. I guess it’s a comfortable silence they both can deal with as long as they’re together.

    But it seems like enough is enough when she had to watch Chrysalis contemplate eating a moldy piece of pizza. Fluffle literally threw her into her car and was done. She tolerated enough and now we’re on our way to a new destination.

    I can tell you this for fact. I. Do. Not. Like. Pink. It’s never on my list of favorite colors and I’d rather add 100 shades of purple than even think of adding pink. However, I cannot deny thinking how cute Fluffle’s house is. The heart shaped windows, hearts on the curtains, and even heart shaped bushes and mailbox. It kills me with its cuteness.

    Yet another cute outfit to change into for Fluffle Puff. It might be just to make animation shorter, but I love this flip in perspective where it’s Fluffle Puff standing similar to Chrysalis from the first scene. And Pomf just seems to be a brand name now?

    First matter to solve: feeding your love bug. I don’t know how well Fluffle Puff can cook, but if pretty sure if she can drive she can cook. I’m sure those two go hand and hand with each other.

    Well…she doesn’t look too bad. And at least the food came out really well. Maybe have someone monitor her stove usage as well as her scissor usage. And at least the big hair in this world isn’t too much in danger of open flames.
    Part 3

    It looks like things worked out well since now Chrysalis and Fluffle will be living together. It really is the sweetest moment of Chryssi feeling a little more comfortable and Fluffle being excited to have her friend her with her and not in that old house.

    The creators might have to work on their horse puns though. Very cute, but what would a game that’s just called Horses be if you didn’t see the box? And I think I need Hungry, Hungry Horses to be a thing. Makes more sense than long necked hippos ever did anyway.

    Yep. The two faces that happen during a game of Monopoly/Horsopoly. Not the best choice of game Fluffle Puff. This monster kills friendships faster than blue shells. I admire the moving pieces are the pony versions of themselves, but yeah. This game is not a good start.

    Ok I would be way too conflicted if I was Chryssi. On one hand, this heart shape she formed with her pink pieces is just too cute for words. On the other hand, I would be totally defeated in every way possible. How does a formation like this even happen where you’re just this surrounded? The cuteness hurts but so does the losing.

    Yeah I can’t relate if I’ve ever dressed in my roommates’ clothes to pretend to be them. A little bit weird for my taste, but even as big of a contrast their outfits are on each other, I can’t be mad at something this wholesome. They’re just two girls playing dress up and makeover with each other. How can I really hate that?

    Fluffle Puff is truly the greatest friend you’ll have. Taking her in, giving her food, and even letting her sleep on her bed while she takes the couch. The sweetness is gonna raise my sugar levels to CMC levels.

    *falls into crying fit of preciousness*
    Ok. Now that I’m able to see the computer screen through red eyes, this was a great show of emotion and friendship. No words had to be said. Just a kind small gesture and a hug is worth more than anything for these two. And don’t worry you’ll see what’s in the picture frame at the end. I’m not mean like that when it comes to something so genuine.

    I know I’m overdoing a lot of images but it’s like every one of them just needs to be addressed. A small hairclip just for the hair that keeps getting in Chrysalis’ face and it even has hearts on it. And it’s black so it just fits with both of their characters. And a cool detail to notice is that this crown hairclip design was used for Chrysalis’ crown in the pony animations after a while so you can notice the differences.

    Yeah this was a picture that they took together during this part. All she did was cut it into the heart shape to fit the empty frame and it was more than enough to send me into tears.

    Yeah they would’ve had to put in something to make things a little lighter. And a heavy snoring person who messes up the bed would do it. Well Fluffle, it’s only the first night. Not too bad for a new roommate moving in.

    See. It can still be worth it…even through the snoring.
    And that was Fluffle Puff Tales EG, a fan made animation about the human life of a soul stealing changling and her giant fluffball of cuteness. Chrysalis was truly a villain we never expected to get in a show people though would only last one season. And season 2’s finale was something beyond epic we ever would’ve seen. We got a villain who was cunning, manipulative, demanding and if not for underestimating her opponents, she would’ve taken over all of Equestria. I’m glad we got her back for not only another season finale fighting against Starlight Glimmer, but also the final season of the show with Cozy Glow and Tirek. I can’t remember how many pictures from Drawfriends I’ve saved from just Chrysalis’s first episode and her style for changlings was something really interesting. I’m glad we have a day to really appreciate a dynamic and entertaining villain with one of the coolest powers and best friend in Fluffle Puff. I’m Penny Wrights and I’m suddenly in the mood for tacos.