• Pony Collection Event Extension, Current Pony Events, and Delayed Events

    We have a few events going on and coming up this year, plus a bit of general news on another that we tend to run over the summer. Have the list!

    Pony Collection Event

    I completely forgot to slap a reminder up for the Pony Collection Event this year, so have an extension! The new deadline is April 1st. If you have a collection of pony stuff, get it displayed and take a picture! Info here.

    Open Art - Ponified Coronavirus Warriors!

    Bored and want to try giving art a shot, or just want an excuse to draw? We've got an open art event dedicated to all the awesome front-liners tackling the current Coronavirus epidemic! Ponify em and send it in. Submission information here.

    Pony Theme Celebration Day - KIRIN Day!

    We will be setting Kirin Day up in this gap between Glimmy Day and Fluttershy Day. You can go ahead and send things in to [email protected] with KIRIN DAY as the subject. The exact date will be April 10th.

    Ponies Around the World (DELAYED)

    Since people need to be quarantining right now, we will be delaying this one until things are stable. It could be after summer, or it could be winter. We have no idea how the virus will continue to travel yet. We definitely don't want to send people out to national landmarks to take pictures though.