• 25 More Best of Derpy Fanfics to Read for Derpy Day!

    It's Derpy Day! Time to read about her. Life is better with a Derpy fic. This is only stuff that we haven't posted yet.  For older Derpy fanfics, go get them here!  Thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them out.

    Now go read the fanfics below.

    Slice of Life

    The Hooves Family Tree by Pastel Pony
    Derpy hasn't spoken to her parents in nine years, and that suits her just fine.
    But when a school project on family trees causes Dinky to raise questions about her grandparents, and why she's never met them, Derpy is forced to talk about the argument involving Dinky herself that caused her to leave her home.

    Sparkler's Secret by BronyWriter
    Sparkler has a secret that she's hidden from her mother for many years, a secret that would destroy her if she ever found out. But, with the help of her... special friend, Sparkler decides that she can't lie to her mother anymore. So she sits her mother down and reveals her most shocking secret.

    Derpyball by Rated Ponystar
    Ponyville is getting ready to host a Dodgeball Tournament when Gilda shows up, challenging them against her own team. As they prepare themselves, Twilight and her friends learn a surprising secret about a certain crossed-eyed mailpony. Will Ponyville be able to beat Gilda and her team? Or will they taste rubbery defeat?

    The Power of Muffins by Sharp Quill
    Derpy's life has been short on successes. No matter what she tried, something somehow always goes wrong. What was her cutie mark supposed to mean anyway?
    But something somehow went right with her most precious muffin of all, and she was determined to keep it that way.


    Beauty Will Tear Us Apart by Meta Four
    Ditzy Doo, Royal Secret Service agent in training, tracks an architect whose building almost destroyed Ponyville. The trail leads right to one of Canterlot’s most prestigious art museums. Help from fellow agent Time Turner ensures this job won’t be too hard; help from an unexpected old acquaintance ensures this won’t be too easy, either.
    It means days of research, prep work, and amateur art criticism; five minutes of sheer terror; and hours of cleanup—in other words, an average job for the Royal Secret Service.

    Pop by ocalhoun
    If you woke up in Equestria as your pony, what's the first thing you would do?
    Tabitha St. Germain: "I'd pop bubble wrap with my unicorn horn!"
    Unfortunately, Derpy Hooves has a problem with that. Bubbles are serious business.

    Apple Butter by Kevinltk
    With Big Mac and her friends unable to help her with this season's applebucking, Applejack thought she was going to be the only one to take on the enormous task. That is, until she meets Derpy.
    With Derpy helping out, Applejack should have no worries with this season's applebucking.

    Go South, Young Mare by FanOfMostEverything
    Sometimes it's not a matter of being the best mare for the job. Sometimes you're just the only one left. That's how a pegasus with no internal compass has been saddled with guiding back migratory birds for the last three Winter Wrap-Ups. Surely this year, Twilight Sparkle will see reason, right?

    Off The Market by Summer Dancer
    Since neither of them have dates for the Spring Fling, Flash Sentry and Ditzy Doo both agree to go together as friends.
    Unfortunately, this leads to Canterlot High thinking that they're actually dating.


    I Wish I Was by Tofazz
    Can words hurt more than actions?
    Can what has been said be undone?
    After a fight with her mother, Dinky finds an old diary.
    As she reads it, she finds out more about her mother's past.

    Stitches by Harmony Pie
    Ditzy arrives at my boutique one fine morning to ask for a special dress for her little Dinky. I end up having a long talk with the mailmare about what it's like to lose somepony you love.


    My Past is Not Tonight, Either by Pascoite
    Has Sunset actually changed? She’s nice enough around her friends, and one of them has become something wonderfully more. But what does her girlfriend see in her?

    Isn't it Great to be Different? by BronyDerp117
    With a simple little note from a certain blonde Pegasus, Forest Rain's dark life brightens forever.

    HeartBeat by DemonBrightSpirit
    It isn't often that things go well for Derpy. Between her eyes, her clumsiness, and her propensity for disaster, it's hard enough just to make friends. Add to that a revolving door of jobs and a daughter to raise, it's a miracle that she has much time for herself at all. So when her date stands her up at a loud, flashy club, it hurts.
    Maybe she should just give up. Or, maybe she just needs the kindness of a strange bartender in purple shades.

    Not Your Forte by Fire Gazer the Alchemist
    Derpy has had a not-so-secret crush on Ponyville's premiere cellist player for a while now, but sadly the only pony who hasn't figured that out yet is Octavia herself. Too shy to admit her true feelings, Derpy instead gets Octavia alone for a private cello lesson, in hopes that a little bit of flirting will nudge things in the right direction.
    Unfortunately Octavia is as blind as a bat when it comes to romance.

    Firedance by Idsertian
    Being Captain of the Wonderbolts certainly makes life easy. Everything a Pegasus could ever want is available in bucketfuls: Money, fame, glory, a good team and anything else on tap.
    Spitfire has been riding this metaphorical high for years. She lives fast, but well. From the outside, she appears to take her gifts and lifestyle for granted, but those few close enough to the golden pony know her as one of the kindest, most thoughtful ponies around.
    So why doesn't she have a special somepony yet? Even though her celebrity status affords her many suitors of both genders, all of her relationships have failed sooner rather than later. This has gone on for some time, but is all about to change due to a chance meeting with a certain mare in a Canterlot nightclub...

    Muffins for Luna by Feenkatze
    Luna, the Princess of the Night, still struggles with living in a world that has aged one thousand years in her absence, nagged by the guilt of her past mistakes. Derpy Hooves, on the other hoof, would be glad if she could just get through life without causing too much damage. When, one fateful evening, they bump into each other, neither of them expects that it would change their lives. What does the future hold for the two of them? At least one thing is certain: whatever happens, there will be muffins.

    Filling Space by Noble Thought
    Hearth's Warming Eve.
    A night to celebrate new beginnings, to be with family and friends, and welcome the new year.
    For Derpy Hooves, a few things are missing.


    The Last Hearth's Warming Letter by Monochromatic
    The day before Hearth's Warming, Daring and Ditzy Doo are tasked with a crucial mission: rescuing somepony before the dinner is over.

    Left 4 Derpy by Edmar Fecler
    After a long day of work, Ditzy (Derpy) Doo wakes in the night to find that she is in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Worst of all, the zombies aren't even ponies! Instead, they are some strange type of two-legged creatures with hands. Fortunately for her, she is found by four of these creatures that don't seem infected. But can they help her escape this nightmare? For that matter, can any of them escape the hell-hole of a city they find themselves in?

    Doctor Whooves and the House of Daring by Paleo Prints
    A letter from an ailing relative finds the Doctor and family in danger at the side of Ditzy's great aunt, Daring Do! Why does she recognize him? What evil stirs in her trophy cases? Can the Doctor save the day before his in-laws kill him?

    Black Magic Mare, Roaming Queen by Meta Four
    One is a pegasus who sees things nopony else can see. The other is an abrasive, competitive showmare. Can love help these two ponies overcome their differences and face the difficulties of the road ahead? Nope!
    Sometimes the open road throws the least likely companions together. Sometimes, the last person you would expect can become your strongest friend. And sometimes they just drive you insane.

    Elementals of Harmony by FanOfMostEverything
    Something is gathering around the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. Something dangerous. Something magical. There's only one pony with the knowledge, the skills, and the muffins needed to save Equestria as we know it.
    A Friendship is Magic: the Gathering crossover, taking place between seasons 1 and 2. Here there be flashbacks, briefly seen OC's, and possibly every emotion known to man or tiny horse. Abandon all pretenses of not being a nerd, ye who enter here.

    Maregnificat by Captain_Hairball
    Teenage Derpy Hooves has gotten pregnant, and she doesn’t know what to do. How will her coltfriend react? What will her friends and family say? Can she be a good mom? She wants to be a good mom, but she doesn’t have a job and she can’t even see straight!
    She’s heard that a wise mare lives in the Everfree Forest. Better yet, a wise mare that nopony talks to. She sets off into the winter woods seeking her. But can she even make it there alive?

    Making Friends by arcum42
    The Noble Sir Rocinante has been turned into a frog, and the Lady Belle and her faithful squire have gone on a quest to Frogbury Pond to save him!
    Or possibly Sweetie Belle is just really bored and lonely, and looking for something to do...
    Takes place prior to the start of the series.