• Derpy Day - 36 of the Best Songs Dedicated to Derpy!

    Derpy isn't a music pony on her own, but we've bombarded with music of ours. She has 36 compiled up for this compilation here! Head on down below to listen, with a playlist at the bottom.

    [1] Source

    Great to be Different (Original by Forest Rain, feat. Decibelle) by Forest Rain Media

    [2] Source

    Hay Ms Derpy (Original Song by Forest Rain) by Forest Rain Media

    [3] Source

    Griffin Village - Autumn by JackleApp

    [4] Source

    PrinceWhateverer - Between Fairytales and Happy Endings (Ft. Aiko & Senra) [REINVENT] by PrinceWhateverer

    [5] Source

    I'll Be Waiting (Derpy's Song) - original MLP song by MandoPony by Applejack AJ

    [6] Source

    Knights of Time and Space (feat. Pierce Smoulder KeikoandGilly) by LaRaikaa

    [7] Source

    Universe (feat. Fluttershyay) by Metajoker

    [8] Source

    Wasteland Wailers - Mail it In (feat. Haymaker) by OvermareStudios

    [9] Source

    Ponky & Eccentrifuge - Bright Eyes (A Wonky Anthem) by LookOutLondon

    [10] Source

    Derpy's Lullaby by Vocaberry FTW

    [11] Source

    Muffin Proof [20% Tastier] by BaldDumboRat

    [12] Source

    Yelling At Cats - What Went Wrong by Deleted Pony Songs

    [13] Source

    SoGreatandPowerful : What Went Wrong by SoGreatandPowerfulArchives

    [14] Source

    Otherwise (ft. Lil' Everfree) by 4everfreebrony

    [15] Source

    Lovestruck Derpy by P1K

    [16] Source

    Canapplejack feat. Pencil Eraser - Pieces of Me by canapplejack

    [17] Source

    Steal Your Heart and Eat Your Muffins - SlyphStorm (Drawfiend Song #1) by SlyphStorm

    [18] Source

    Derpy's Dream (Original Song) by ElectroKaplosion

    [19] Source

    TIFWhitney - Le Derp [Electro Swing/Glitch Hop] by Cider Party

    [20] Source

    Pinkie Guy x ismbof - Give Me Eyes to See (Feat VOCALS from Solrac) by ismBoF

    [21] Source

    Przewalski's Ponies - Derpy (Ditzy Horse) by Przewalski's Ponies

    [22] Source

    Derpy For Princess - The Shake Ups In Ponyville by The Shake Ups

    [23] Source

    Not a Second Late - Original Song by JoshSaysStuff by JoshSaysStuff

    [24] Source

    Tarby - Born Cross Eyed by Tarby's Basement

    [25] Source

    Defect (Drum & Bass) by Hay Tea

    [26] Source

    Twitch - Erased by AVINOID

    [27] Source

    Derpy - Dunno What Went Wrong 6_9 by Sim Gretina

    [28] Source

    Pinkie Cake - Bass Muffin (feat. Derpy Hooves) by Pinkie Cake

    [29] Source

    Heceta - FritzyBeat hugs Port Blue by Fritzy Magpies!

    [30] Source

    13 Muffinland - Pony Empires Complete by Carbon Maestro

    [31] Source

    So Much Left To See by Turquoise Splash

    [32] Source

    Ditzy's Heartbreak (Re-recorded) - Josh LeVitre by Luna Jax

    [33] Source

    Igna - derp by Igna

    [34] Source

    【Music】Keepsakes by Vylet Pony

    [35] Source

    Le Soldat Pony - A Derpy Love Song by Winter Rose

    [36] Source

    Derpy's letter by ClutterviX