• Rainbow Dash Music: Francis Vace - My Rainbow Horse And Me [Ska Punk]

    The one and only Francis Vace delivered in pure style and pony-ness for Ponies at Dawn Eternal, with an upbeat masterpiece that tells a story that we can all relate to in one way or another! Have you ever wished to meet one of the ponies from the show IRL? Have you ever dreamt of a pony coming out of your screen? Well, it can be far from relaxing... as shown by this song and Francis' experience with our Dashie! Utterly lovely vocals are telling the story as if you were there and hearing Francis sing about those things as they happen, and the entertaining Ska Punk style is just perfect to reflect the playfulness and troubles that Dashie is causing, but at the same time how we could forgive her so easily! A pure slice of love and pony feelings from Francis, that is just making me melt!