• Bat Tag 2019 - A Gallery of AllThe Bats!

    Not even kirin are safe from THE BAT.

    We've got your bats from last month's Bat Tag event! There might be more out there in the void. I'm sure Embers Lament will add them once they are submitted.  You can find the page for that here.

    Now go embrace the night below!

    [1] Source

    Bat Tag 2019 by JenniTheDragon

    [2] Source

    Bat Tag 2019: Sphbat by SpheeDC

    [3] Source

    Bat Kensaku by NinnyDraws

    [4] Source

    Kelly Bat by KellyTheDrawingUni

    [5] Source

    Bat Tag 2019: Dusky Sky by Floofyhoof

    [6] Source

    Bat Ben! by BannaBerryCake

    [7] Source

    When The Night Hits by Boishii

    [8] Source

    .:Bat Tag 2019:. ArtSong and Antares by Amazing-ArtSong

    [9] Source

    Bat Tag 2019: Bat Ridden by honeybbear

    [10] Source

    Bat Tag! by xX-NocturnalSkies-Xx

    [11] Source

    Bat Tag 2019: Crann Taca by MObubbles

    [12] Source

    Bat tag: Letia by koekoek19

    [13] Source

    Bat Tag 2019: Amethyst by Rayadra

    [14] Source

    Bat Tag 2019 CookieHolderOwO by CookieHolderOwO

    [15] Source

    Bat Stormie by BlueFOR3V3R

    [16] Source

    Bat Angetenar by MinElvi

    [17] Source

    Bat Tag 2019 by CerTheWitch

    [18] Source

    Bat Tag 2019 by RainbowBacon1

    [19] Source

    Bat Tag 2019: MusicBloodMoon by MusicScribbles1

    [20] Source

    by astratheartist

    [21] Source

    A Bunch of Bats! by 0oArtNuto0

    [22] Source

    by Ardail@ciderfest#2 on Twitter

    [23] Source

    Bat Tag 2019 by FirePetalFox

    [24] Source

    [25] Source - Elsie

    [26] Source - Dan7

    [27] Source - Zakwan