• More Pony Music! Dark, Chill, Fun, Deep!

    Brand new releases as well as uploads from compilation albums are awaiting you in this post! There's also Nexgen's comeback, and an open letter from Alexander Smitherson linked at the end of the post! Check it all out after the break!

    1. SDreamExplorerS - Vessel
    Vocal - Soft Rock
    Soul's piece from Ponies at Dawn Skyward finally gets a YouTube release, and you can bet the piece is as deep as ever and reflects powerful personal experiences!

    2. Dynamite Grizzly & Enny - If, By Midnight, I Do Not Have a Fourth Pony Keg...
    Vocal - Gabber
    A hard-hitting and rocking collab, bringing all the fun with those vocal samples for the newest Pinkamena Party album! I posted it on Cider Party, too!

    3. Seventh Element - Darkness Falls
    Instrumental - Speedcore
    From a previous Pinkamena Party album, this YouTube release of one of Seventh Element's tracks depicts Sombra's madness, and such a theme is so appreciated!

    4. Nicolas Dominique - Alter Ego
    Instrumental - Trance/Ambient
    From a newly released single, Alter Ego is themed around the different personas of Fluttershy! Also check out the other track in the single, Life is a Party (Respooked)!

    5. Dogman15 - The Flim Flam Peelcore 8000
    Vocal - Soundtrack
    Those who have read the comics will appreciate this fanmade song, providing what the show would have brought alongside the adaptation of the story!

    6. Koron Korak - Vicious Circle Until Inner Emptiness (Toby Macarony Remix)
    Instrumental - Alternative Electronic
    Toby does us the honors of remixing one of Koron's tracks for the first time, and the dark vibes from the original are getting renewed along Toby's signature musical style!

    7. SmD House - Perfectly Imperfect
    Instrumental - Chillout
    A gorgeous piece even featuring an Ambient part that is so emotional!

    8. Spikey Wikey - Foreplay
    Instrumental - Hardtek
    Spikey has a knack for fun and lewd tracks, and his last track made using Vegas certainly is a treat with the implied meaning from the Spike vocal sample! Part of the newest Pinkamena Party album!

    9. Nexgen & Vinyl.rawr - Uncultured
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    Nexgen makes his comeback with Vinyl.rawr and they bring fire verses poking fun! And apparently there are gonna be more surprises from Nexgen coming soon!

    10. Remember Falling - Dead in the Water
    Vocal - Indie Pop/Alternative Electronic
    Another release part of RF's upcoming album, this one brings beautiful vocals and focuses on story-telling with the effects!

    11. Ponytronic - Circadian Sleep
    Instrumental - Chillout
    A much creative new track from Ponytronic, themed around Luna's arc!

    12. Tripon - Wonderbolt Shuffle (feat. Single Purpose)
    Instrumental - Neurofunk
    Tripon's collab with Single Purpose and crazy spin on The Wonderbolts Rap from Equestrian Ravers EP gets a YouTube release courtesy of Drumscape Library!

    And now for something unusual but still pertaining to the pony music scene:

    I got recently approached by a fellow brony under the pseudonym of Alexander Smitherson, who wrote a paper about the topic of "The Growing Creber Tension", giving some explanations coming from personal experience and some intel too, in the hope of bringing light to some things and showing you how a lot of the disdain toward the Crebers and BlackGryph0n that we can see around is uncalled for. Personally, as I always knew that BlackGryph0n is an awesome person (from what I saw myself) and always loved him, I would be ready to believe this, and I can only commend Alexander's noble intentions with this open letter to the community. Give it a read, and make of it what you will!

    Alexander Smitherson's open letter

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!