• Season 9 Episode 23 - The Big Mac Question - Stream / Discussion

    It's episode day again! We are coming up on the end of the season with #23 landing at 8:30 AM PST as usual. Watch it on Discovery Family, and enjoy a stream party below while we countdown to it's airing.

    If you missed the news, the My Little Pony comics will be continuing the series as an official 10th season of pony. They will most likely be monthly as per usual for comics, but at least we get to continue the story of the mane 6 somewhere!

    And on the EQD side, we recruited a new Equestria Girls writer who will be tackling followups  for some of the shorts and specials we've missed, along with any new stuff that comes up. You can check out her deep analysis of Forgotten Friendship over here!

    Followups of Daring Don't and Growing Up is Hard to Do are in the works too, so expect those soon. Sorry about the delay there. The quality level of these has gone up so much over time that pressure has caused us to want to take extra time on them.

    Now get your parties below.

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