• EQG Concept Music: Dizzy Inmotion - The Sunset Shimmer Show / Spellshatter / Dance For Me [Hip Hop]

    The Battle of the Bands has started!! Three tracks from Sunset's performance as imagined by Dizzy got released as part of her concept album revolving around Rainbow Rocks, and they're all so creative and brimming with character depth and story-telling! We get immersed in the show in The Sunset Shimmer Show, then get Sunset's spin on the Dazzlings' hit Under Our Spell in the form of Spellshatter that deflects their magic, and then get Sunset's own captivating magic, with Dance For Me! I just know that these songs would be amazing to hear live at a pony con IRL, with Dizzy wearing her Sunset cosplay! Hear our plea, con organizers!
    And the story is not over yet, far from it! While we wait for the semi-finals, hear Sunset and Twilight's private conversation, expressing their self-doubting as well as their support of each other, in Rainbooms (Skit) featuring Mystic Genesis and ForeverFreest!

    -->The Sunset Shimmer Show


    -->Dance For Me

    Rainbooms (Skit)