• G.M. Berrow and Nowacking Heading to BronyScot 2019

    Writer G.M. Berrow (Via skype) and fandom personality Nowacking (In person) are both now announced for BronyScot in November! If you plan to attend, head on down below the break for the details.


    We at BronyScot, Scotland's only My Little Pony convention, are delighted to welcome these two amazing talents to join us in Glasgow, this coming November.

    Jesse Nowack, aka Nowacking, will flying over personally from the USA to answer your questions about the many VA projects he's been involved in; including the fanon voice of Vinyl Scratch, and his work in various anime projects such as Pokemon. He will also be participating in our music event, Rock Nessie, alongside some of the community's musicians - Full details are to be released soon.

    Be sure to also stop by Berrow's own Q&A via Skype and hear from one of the show's talented writers about her own experiences as well as challenges she faced from her origins to her writing career on Friendship is Magic. It's sure to be loads of fun, so don't miss out, get your ticket today!

    BronyScot will be held in the Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor in the Hillhead area of Glasgow, UK, on Saturday 9th November 2019. Our music event, Rock Nessie, will be the evening after on Sunday 10th November. Tickets are available for purchase on our website at brony.scot/Tickets . Hope to see everypony there!