• NYCC INTERVIEW: Bobby Curnow on My Little Pony Season 10!

    Following the bombshell announcement from IDW Publishing today about Season 10 coming to the comics, Equestria Daily sat down with IDW Comic Editor Bobby Curnow to chat about the new series for a couple of minutes.

    Of course this was after I had made my way back down from the ceiling of the Javitis Center.

    You'll be able to check out the full interview after the break!

    The Illustrious Q: So, season 10. How long has this been in development?

    Bobby Curnow: Not that long as far as these things can go. Sometimes, I think we've been in active discussion about it for the past six months. Rumors about it before then, but Hasbro didn't want to pull the trigger on anything until their work on the season, the animated show was more in a final state.

    Of course, there's always a lot of different back and forth that needs to be happening with all different factors at both companies. But we've kind of been in active development for the past six months or so, and they were still very much in early development. We're pitching stories now, so we're probably maybe a month or two away from being able to announce what our creative team is, our launch creative team is. But yeah, we're in the middle of it now, so it's exciting.

    TIQ: That sounds fantastic, Bobby. So looks like that prediction that you made all those years ago about if the books are still doing well, we'll keep making them, even if the show ends. It finally came true.

    BC: I guess so, yeah. That does sound like something I would say. So yep, absolutely.

    TIQ: So I actually have another question for you. Is the series you're going to want to take place within the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, comic book series straight from IDW, or is it going to be its own separate comic book series.

    BC: We're going to keep the same numbering. I, personally, really want to get to that hundred number. We're close to it, so why not do it. We want to make it clear to retailers that, who've supported the series, that you keep coming to the same place. It's not a jumping off flip point, but we are going to be clearly branding it on the covers and in publicity and media that this is season 10, that this is the place to go to get the continuing stories of Twilight and all of our other favorite ponies.

    TIQ: Yeah, that's fantastic. That really, truly is fantastic. So we ended up seeing the cover by Andy Price for the Season 10 big announcement. That's going to be the cover for the first issue of the new art board?

    BC: Yeah, I think that's likely. I don't know exactly where it's going to go, whether it's going to be the incentive cover or the main cover. We did have that cover made simply for this announcement, but we like to reuse art when we can and get it actually on printed paper. So you'll be seeing that cover in physical form somewhere.

    TIQ: Excellent. That is really, truly fantastic. It was also mentioned at the panel that there is going to be returning comic book creators and possibly some new ones that are coming in. Any chance you could possibly hint at who might be showing up, who could be new?

    BC: No, I can't really. Only because we don't have any formally approved scripts yet or proposals. So we don't know, but I do know that we've been talking to a mix of people that are new to Pony and people that have been part of the franchise for a while.

    TIQ: That is amazingly fantastic. And before we go and wrap this up, I just have one more quick question for you. Were you aware that Gail Simone actually wrote a Season Nine episode of My Little Pony?

    BC: Yes, I did. I did hear that, yeah.

    TIQ: Thank you, Bobby. Thank you so, so much for stopping to chat about this fantastic new series for My Little Pony, season 10.

    BC: Great, thank you very much, TJ, and thank you to everyone at Equestria Daily for always being such great support.

    TIQ: Thank you.