• Hasbro's NYCC Transformers Press Event!

    Surprise! Bet you weren't expecting to see Hasbro's Flagship toy property on Equestria Daily today!

    Well to be frank, I wasn't expecting to receive an invite from Hasbro to come to this event. So when the invite came in, of course I said "YES!"

    Anyways as part of Hasbro's NYCC plans, they held a special Press Event where they unveiled a number of new products coming out both later this year and in Q1 of 2020.

    Like the above Cel-Shaded Optimus Prime and Megatron! Just look at those two. They look like they came straight out of the original cartoon! Which is appropriate since they were created to celebrate the franchise's 35th anniversary!

    After the break you'll be able to see more Transformers. Let's Roll Out!

    There were three main Transformers toy collections being showcased at the event. The first was for the War for Cybertron trilogy which Hasbro has been running for the last few years.

    These figures are cool. I'm not going to kid anyone about it. One of the main aspects I've always liked about War for Cybertron is how we see the Transformers in vehicle modes as they would have appeared on Cybertron, as opposed to earth.

    Not that there is anything wrong with Earth planes, trains, and automobiles. It's just this series gave Hasbro a chance to really explore the alien nature of the Cybertronians.

    I tip my hat to War for Cybertron for making some really memorable toys!

    The second set is the toy line which ties directly into the Transformers: Cyberverse cartoon series currently airing on Cartoon Network. These toys are aimed at kids ages 4-8. So they are definitely easier to transform as opposed to the War for Cybertron toys.

    They quality of these toys are top notch and are perfect as a "My First Transformers" toy for the little ones.

    Also, it doesn't matter which incarnation of the franchise he is in for Optimus Prime will ALWAYS be awesome.

    Transformers Cyberverse toys should be arriving in toy stores later this year.

    And while these are fun, the biggest reveal of the event is what they had to showcase next.

    Behold! Transformers: Earth Rise! These toys are expected to come out in March of 2020 and these toys are an absolute dream to behold. If you think these resemble the the G1 incarnation of the toys, you are right.

    These toys are a love letter to those originals from 35 years ago, but with loads of improvements over the originals.

    Which makes them perfect for setting up intense battle dioramas!

    Like the one showcased at the event! You can definitely tell this is a battle going on between to waring factions for control of a military base...

    One which showed up in the original Transformers Cartoon Show! Bonus points for anyone who can guess which base this is!

    I know I'm supposed to be slightly impartial about reporting the news for this, but I just can't help it. These toys are incredible and I cannot be happier about seeing them up close! So cool!

    Hasbro even improved upon the original Starscream model. He looks absolutely fantastic both in his jet form and on the ground.

    These toys are aimed for old fans of the franchise. The transformations for these toys are complex, to put mildly, and the range of articulation on them is second to none.

    You have Ankle ball joints on these toys. Ankle ball joints! You can literally pose these toys however you want, which is something we could only dream of as little kids.

    Speaking of being a child, the Optimus Prime in this set has a surprise which will delight transformers fans of all ages.

    Seeing a beautiful G1 Optimus Prime with the Matrix of Leadership in his chest brings a smile to my face. Well, to my face as a 31 year old adult, and to the face of my inner 7 year old who couldn't get enough of these guys.

    This has been The Illustrious Q. Catch you all later today when I live blog the IDW 20 Year panel!