• UNBOXING REVIEW: My Little Pony Oh My Giggles Pinkie Pie

    Hasbro sent Equestria Daily a free new toy to review!

    It was one of the more… okay. I'll be completely upfront. This one startled me three times in 10 minutes front of the MLP Marketing and Designs teams at Toy Fair.

    We were all dying after the third time, and I'll sum up the review of the toy right now.

    This toy is a lot of fun and perfect for My Little Pony fans of all ages.

    But I am always thorough in my reviews. And you'll be able to find the full thing after the break!

    Right off the bat I noticed something was different about the packaging.

    The toy isn't encased in a combination of cardboard and plastic. The toy is exposed to the air and the hands of every single kid in the toy store.

    I have a couple of mixed feelings about this.

    First, this is fantastic for little kids to try out the toy in the store. Which which can be seen in the video below.

    As you can see Pinkie Pie is very energetic and laughs a lot. At even the slights touch in demo mode.

    Having the toy out in the open like this is the perfect in store advertisement for both kids and parents to try and then buy the toy. All of that is an immediate plus.

    There are however a couple of downsides. From the retailer standpoint, the lack of a box to encase the toy makes it very difficult to stack on the shelves. The lack of a cardboard peg also means the toy can't be displayed on a peg board. So this toy is going to take up a lot of shelf space.

    Furthermore, the open packaging means the brushable hair is suspectable to being tangled before it is even bought.

    Yet by having the packing be made up a single piece of cardboard it makes it very easy to recycle.

    This also makes my usual package examination also a toy examination. Which will cut down on a number of pictures in this review.

    Is it wrong to say the toy mold for this Pinkie Pie reminds me or the original G4 toy molds? Cause it does, a lot.

    But just look at that face. It's so adorable!

    Both on the packaging and on the toy!

    So while I cannot show that Pinkie Pie does suffer from single Cutie Mark Syndrome while in the package, I can say beyond all doubt this packaging is accurate in both the smile sizes of those who play with the toy and how loud Pinkie Pie's laughter is.

    Standard barcode and product information is standard on the bottom of the box.

    The toy isn't secured to the bottom of the box. So that does open the possibility for the packaging to be damaged while in the store.

    Of course the packaging for most toys in toy stores are damaged while on the shelves for one reason for another so that's a minor issue.

    However unboxing the toy is a breeze. Literally just break the tape and the box unfold right before you eyes.

    Even the tie down straps are very minimal, simple, and easy to remove.

    The instructions showcase where the important parts of the toy are (like the on off switch and the locations of the two AA batteries) but they happen to leave out one very important key detail.

    Pinkie Pie has a light sensor.

    She can giggle without anyone touching her.

    Her giggles have been weaponized.

    And this would be why she startled me three times at New York Toy Fair. Long distance laughing make this toy just like Monty Pythons Spanish Inquisition! For no one expects the Spanish Inquisition! And no one is going to expect Pinkie Pie laughing at them when the walk into a room!

    As I said before at the start of the review, this toy is a lot of fun and is perfect for My Little Pony fans of all ages. If you happen to spot it, consider picking it up.

    You know, before it becomes this year's "Tickle Me Elmo."


    (Ages 3 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: Fall 2019)

    If there's one thing Pinkie Pie loves more than planning parties, it's laughing! Hear Pinkie Pie laugh with this ticklish figure that's fun and silly like her character in entertainment. When kids tickle Oh My Giggles Pinkie Pie toy, she starts to giggle, wiggle, and laugh! Tickle her chest to hear Pinkie Pie giggle -- the more she is tickled, the harder she laughs and faster she moves! Sounds and movement can also be activated by light sensor in figure's mouth. Fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV show can have fun laughing alongside this interactive toy that moves and makes laughing noises. Figure has long rooted hair and signature character cutie mark of 3 balloons. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide.