• Glimmy vs Chryssy Music: SlightlyAmiss - Cloning Ritual (feat. Djohn Mema & Blackened Blue) [Metal]

    An incredible surprise, this new collab that brings all the Metal vibes is themed around Chryssy's revenge on Starlight and what our Glimmy has to say about it! Through the epic vocals and lyrics that speak for the characters, and the heavy guitar riffs that represent the intensity of the fight and the daggers that Starlight and Chrysalis are throwing at each other, the musicians definitely portrayed that story and character depth so well, with even some deep lines that make you think. Such releases are truly shining examples of what our dedicated community is doing to pay tribute to the characters and to respond to the story of the show... all while headbanging to the music! Give it up for SlightlyAmissDjohn Mema and Blackened Blue everypony!!