• Tumblr Spotlight: Random Gifting is Magic Program

    I have to admit I wasn't quite sure where to put this little gem, but since there is a tumblr component to it I thought I'd dust off the old Tumblr Spotlight feature just for this awesome little idea. Recently I received a piece of artwork out of the blue coming from the artist that runs this program which I soon found out whose sole purpose was to cheer up those who had been feeling down, had a rotten week or to give encouragement to someone who was awesome.

    It isn't just random though, you have to be nominated by someone else and entered in to have the possibility of being chosen so don't go on nominating yourself, everyone. In a pony world where the show is ending and many of us are feeling down, I thought I'd give this little project a bump to help get it off the ground and help out those in need of a little cheer this time of year.

    It really is nice to see a touch of kindness in the world. Check on after the break for some more examples as well as a message from the creator and links to where you can nominate someone you think is deserving!

    "Hello! I’d love to thank Equestria Daily for the honor of my program being mentioned!
    This program is something I’ve been working on & off of for a number of years. The basic idea is if you have a friend that is just not feeling well or desperately needs some cheering up, or maybe just needs to be noticed, you can nominate them! You give me a small amount of info like if they have an OC, and I will draw them some gift artwork!

    This is a one pony project and I’m aiming to try and keep posting speed in tune with my que.
    Please, don’t hesitate to nominate someone! I’ve got pen in hand, and… if I can be cheesy...In the spirit of MLP, I am ready to follow in Pinkies hoofsteps and encourage some smiles!"

    Examples of Gifts: