• S09E17 "The Summer Sun Setback" BGM Remix: William Anderson - Fixing the Festival (Songbird Choir Remix) [Electronic]

    I'm sure many of you were moved by that certain BGM that played during S09E17 The Summer Sun Setback, Fixing the Festival, and the many comments on RainShadow's upload of the BGM confirms it! I sure loved it a lot, it was quite epic and emotional along the events that unfolded as it played, and I wished that a remix or extended version of it would be made in the community. Well, out of nowhere, Songbird Choir provides such an awesome and progressive remix of the BGM, of almost 5 minutes, that extends those emotions from the episode! Both impactful piano and tasteful electronic elements are creating such an enjoyable new extended rendition of the piece and its emotional melody, and I thank Songbird Choir so much for this most wonderful treat!