• PSA: Youtube Thumbnails Are Showing Major Spoilers for Upcoming Episodes

    As most of you probably know by now, the entire season was leaked.

    Following that and a subsequent removal of all episodes, a massive hack took place and released them again. Even China peaced out by canceling early episodes, but it didn't even matter in the end. 

    Unfortunately the spoilers are becoming harder and harder to avoid. Twitter is inundated with them, Facebook is a minefield, Instagram is a giant pile of "GOOD LUCK!" and now a new culprit has popped up; Youtube!

    That's right. A few douchebags over in subscriberland have started thumbnailing their videos with spoilers. Of course, this causes loads of kids and other unaware people to click them, which shoves it all into the recommended section. Tons of people trying to dodge spoilers have found surprises on their sidebar when scrolling around watching cat videos and re-watching Autumn Blaze's song for the 3000th time.

    Fortunately, there is one way to avoid this. For Firefox and Chrome users, there is Video Blocker, which you can scoop up here:


    Probably the best possible way to avoid everything is to simply block anything with "pony" in the title for the time being, but you can also block specific channels if you are willing to take a hit.

    This will just be the reality for anyone avoiding spoilers going forward.  Hopefully we can brave the storm without everything being ruined!