• More Pony Music! Waffles, Donuts, Punch!

    Time for a new roundup of the other songs that got made and released in the community in the meantime! A lot of sugary treats in it! And your dose of EDM greatness too! Check it all out below the break! Ponies forever!

    1. Yelling at Cats - What Went Wrong (Chang31ing Remix)
    Vocal - Hip Hop/Trap
    Giving love to old gems of the past, Chang31ing brings new life to Yelling at Cats' original Hip Hop track with a new sick Trap arrangement!

    2. GrazySmash & Tw3Lv3 - Dungeon
    Instrumental - Psytrance/Dubstep
    Switching from Dubstep to Psytrance faster than it takes Daring Do to clear a Dungeon, this collab between GrazySmash and Tw3Lv3 is definitely a shining success and a marvelous blend of genres and musical styles! Available now on A State of Sugar Waffle!

    3. D1SCORDANT - Balefire Dawn
    Instrumental - Ambient
    Ambient music from D1SCORDANT for a change from the Industrial Metal heaviness, inspired by FOE!

    4. Power Note - Pony Donut (feat. Musica Note)
    Vocal - Dark Techno
    Power Note aka Lorris teamed up with Musica Note to make a song about... ponuts. Don't look it up, kids! Still, one can't help but want to eat that tasty pony featured in the video, what with such sprinkles and chocolate topping!

    5. Toby Macarony - Silver Zoom
    Instrumental - Alternative Electronic
    A new creative piece from Toby about a Wonderbolt member, with an intricate progression full of many wonders!

    6. Tw3Lv3 - Old Vibes
    Instrumental - Lo-fi
    Tw3Lv3 is truly on a roll with Lo-fi pieces lately, and this one features such a reflective mood and deep bassline! And that beat, just perfect and such a bliss!

    7. Miles Kintner - She Who Brings the Night (Orchestral Version)
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    The talented Miles Kintner provides a new version of his track She Who Brings the Night, full of emotion!

    8. Skelter - Get Up
    Vocal - Trap
    Straight from A State of Sugar Waffle and featuring dank pony samples, Skelter's contribution to the album showcases their mad talent at Trap once more!

    9. ROKII - Bluebloods
    Instrumental - Bass House
    Another track from A State of Sugar Waffle, ROKII's dark yet bouncy tune features hoof-made 3D pony art in the video rendered in Unreal Engine 4!

    10. TheBluishPony - RariHentai
    Vocal - Progressive Trance
    A spiritual successor to _RARITY and Dirty Gem for sure, TheBluishPony's new musical experiment features the questionable Rarity moans from the official Korean dub of the show!

    11. Ardeleiz - Bourrée en punch
    Vocal - Folk
    Ardeleiz aka Featherly Flame is back, and with a new Acoustic/Folk song inspired by pony con experiences, and Berry Punch! The title is in French and means "Drunk with punch". The vocals are in Occitan though, and that's definitely very unique in the community!

    12. Paloris - Hope
    Instrumental - Progressive House
    Paloris' contribution to A State of Sugar Waffle, inspired by personal experiences! Also check out Paloris' other track from the album, A Complete Breakfast!

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!