• Spoiler Alert: Episodes 22-26 in English and Unreleased Scripts in the Wild - Apparent Hack

    It just keeps happening folks! We're here to warn you of another obstacle that could ruin your pony viewing pleasure if you accidentally ran into it online. Instead of a leak it looks like we have a hack, similar to what we saw when a bunch of G5 material hit the net.

    Episodes 22-26 have been put on the net in English as well as supposedly leaked scripts for upcoming material related to the show.

    As these are not official early releases by any networks and appear to have been gotten at through more nefarious ways DO NOT post links to any downloads of the episodes or scripts in the comments. They will be deleted.

    Make sure to spoiler tag anything regarding these episodes or scripts!

    Bleh...Maybe this will finally be the last of this sort of thing. I swear it just gets worse every year.

    Thanks to Squeaky Belle for the heads up!

    Twitter: Calpain