• Pony Community Soapbox #147 - M.A. Larson Domination, Finale Guesses, and the End of Equestria Girls

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    Headlines this week:
    •  How Should Equestria Girls End? 
    • Will the Finale Be a 2 Parter, 3 Parter, or 4 Parter? 
    • Twilight
    • M.A. Larson Was my Favorite Write, And Hiring Randoms

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    How should the Equestria Girls series end?
    By: FlareGun45

    It's possible that Equestria Girls: Sunset's Backstage Pass, the one coming up (if you didn't watch it already) is the last special, but we dunno that for sure! I actually hope it IS the last special..... so the final Equestria Girls can be a movie! But what will that final EG be about if it gets made?

    To seal the deal with Equestria Girls, the girls will need to find the source of the magic disturbance that's been plaguing their world, and perhaps it's about time they found it. Yunno what I think would be the solution? Princess Twilight has to SHUT OFF THE PORTAL! If that happens, all the magic in the EG world will disappear! Cause in the first EG movie, that's why the Rainbooms' magic disappeared in the first place, because the portal closed, and closing the portal would probably stop the leak too.

    Now here's the conflict of the story: Sunset Shimmer has to make a choice! Once the portal closes, it cannot reactivate, and then she'll need to make a choice of whether to go back to Equestria or stay in the human world! Now that's an obvious choice, but it would be a conflict we'd all love to see! And the villain? Well let's say the villain could be similar to Sci-Twi in EG3, trying to harness the magic. The Dazzlings could make their return too, but it would probably be more interesting to have a bigger villain.... maybe the Pony of Shadows! I'm not sure completely. Maybe there'll even more one last crossover between ponies and humans - have each of the human counterparts meeting their pony counterparts, and dog Spike meeting dragon Spike, and perhaps the leak would glitch their looks, transforming them into humans and ponies or even half-pony half-human because of the magic leak.

    Regardless though, EG deserves one final chance at getting the story right and finally concluding! EG has alota bumps, but it had its shining stories too, and it deserves to end with a BANG, just like FIM does!

    So what do ya say? What would your dream Equestria Girls finale be?

    Will the Finale be a 2 parter, a 3 parter or even a 4 parter?!
    By: Southieo

    As of writing this, this question has been bugging me since they announced season 9. How many parts will the finale of MLP be? For one, I think it's going to be a normal 2 parter. On the other hand, they might pull a fast one on us and make it a 3 parter. The odds of them making it a 4 parter would be low but wouldn't that be amazing! I feel like three would be the perfect number. Part 1 for the legion of villain. Part 2 on the ponies, and lastly one on everyone.

    By: indiana

    The name of our main character. Also the name of a phenomenon that is happening twice a day. What does it actually mean? It's funny to think about it after all these years but I think Twilight was originally supposed to be both good and evil. She was supposed to have an evil side within her just like Celestia and Luna but I guess the staff kind of scrapped the idea and made her stand exactly between Celestia(dawn) and Luna(dusk). Twilight may have that evil side even now but the show portrayed her with that side of hers never having a chance of taking over(unlike a certain dragon queen from another show....maybe it's not too late for that actually). I mean, it's a shame to have such an amazing concept being there for 9 seasons just waiting to be used properly into the show and not be used, right? Wrong.(sorry EQG, I don't think that one counts. Pony Twilight and human Twilight are two very different characters).

    There is a famous saying that some people seem to think will happen 100% of the time. Power corrupts. I tend to disagree on that and think that sometimes incorruptible characters do exist and they somehow manage to get to a position of power to show it too. Maybe this is why we never saw evil Twilight. The subversion of expectation by crushing one of the oldest tropes in both story telling and real life.

    M.A. Larson Was my Favorite Write, And Hiring Randoms
    By: Bingsnatch

    I really think the show lost something when M.A. Larson left years ago. Almost all of his episodes are at the top of my list of favorites, and the only ones that weren't were the ones that were massively changed after he already completed them.

    If the next era of pony has any chance at success, they need to hire people like this rather than picking random writers with tiny amounts of script experience like they have been the last few seasons. It's insane to me that such an important property like pony can do something so pants-on-head stupid. At the very least, make G5 awesome from the start for us and hire some real talent.