• Emotional Flutterchops Music: Cynifree - Endless Ages [Liquid Drum & Bass]

    Everypony, you've got to hear this! This new release from Cynifree is just SO emotional with the Flutterchops, deep bass, and such a rich composition and soundscape all throughout its progression! Another masterpiece in Cynifree's streak for sure, this one is so mind-blowing to me, as the music brings untold emotion. The progression is just so creative and features so many different instruments, and you can tell this was crafted with a lot of love. The presence of that deep bass is making for much emotion and it takes our soul to higher planes, the DnB beats are softly paving our way to heaven, and Fluttershy's voice is our guiding light, making us explore the full extent of Cynifree's magic and the power of music and Passion. An incredible track, and I'm so thankful for it!