• Ponies Around the World - The Submissions Day 3!

    The princess of the sun at the pyramid of the sun? Only in Ponies Around the world!

    We've got your day 3 entries here, which closes out the event this year. Thanks again to everyone that submitted! It's always awesome to see so many people visiting these crazy locations with their cartoon horses in tow.

    Get them all below!

    154 Doctor Whooves buffalo watching - Goldfur

    Art image 154
    Doctor Whooves watches the buffalo from a safe distance in Yellowstone National Park.

    155 Free candy - Andres Qt

    Art image 155

    156 - Andres Qt

    Art image 156

    157 Ibague city - Andres Qt

    Art image 157

    158 - Andres Qt

    Art image 158

    159 - Andres Qt

    Art image 159

    160 - Andres Qt

    Art image 160

    161 - mkssa

    Art image 161
    This is the river embankment Neva in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Voskresenskaya Naberezhnaya (Resurrection Embankment).

    162 Me with AJ at Jam Gadang, Bukittinggi, Indonesia - ferdianf101

    Art image 162
    Jam Gadang (Big Clock meaning in English) is a clock tower located in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra province, Indonesia. Every holiday, many people visit this tower.

    163 Train to Busan - Starlight Ikarus

    Art image 163
    Is she waiting for another tremendous adventure to unfold? or she's just waiting for another train bound for Busan? photograph taken at Daejeon Station, Daejeon, South Korea

    165 Trixie and Starlight at Disneyland, California - Brandon D

    Art image 165

    166 Golden Gate - Artémis Plum

    Art image 166
    Big cities are spooky, but some landmarks are obligatory for ponies going around the world !

    167 Californian sunset - Artémis Plum

    Art image 167
    At Point Bonita, California

    168 Cities are full of scary people...But nice too - Artémis Plum

    Art image 168
    In Nyhavn, Copenhagen.
    See also the night version : www.deviantart.com/artemisplum…

    169 I am the night, I'm BatMare ! - Artémis Plum

    Art image 169
    In Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

    170 She's half fish, maybe I can befriend her ! - Artémis Plum

    Art image 170
    The little mermaid, Copenhagen.
    There's no way any kind of selfie there without having other tourists on the photo. When you're a plushie though, you can cheat by climbing bushes !

    171 Shipping Luna, literally - Artémis Plum

    Art image 171
    On a ferry between Sweden and Finland.

    172 Fluttershy explores northern equestria - Artémis Plum

    Art image 172
    There are new friends to meet in all of Equestria !
    In Teijo National park, Finland

    173 Canterda: Sparkle in Daisies - Frith

    Art image 173
    Canterda sure has a lot of daisies, at least in this field just outside of Grainbee in Kickbuck. Just think of all the daisy sandwiches a pony could make! When I get back to Ponyville, I'll talk to Roseluck. Maybe she can negotiate a trade deal.

    174 StarTrix at the London Eye - Mattley

    Art image 174

    175 Having fun on Kivisild - Etysky

    Art image 175
    Kivisild was a stone bridge in Tartu, Estonia. It was built in 1775 and was a beauty to behold but was unfortunately destroyed in the second world war. A maquette of Kivisild now lies by it`s successor, Kaarsild.

    177 Ponka and Glimglam in Riga, Latvia - Tri-Charters

    Art image 177
    Taken while visiting our southern neighbours. Riga is a beautiful city and I had much fun that day!

    178 Pinkie and Glimmy in Riga, Latvia - Tri-Charters

    Art image 178
    While visiting our southern neighbours, Pinkie and Glimmy found a rather funky building, which houses the national library of Latvia.

    179 Marina of Roanne - Bakaarion

    Art image 179
    Built in 1838 in the industrial revolution for trade needs, it runs along "La Loire", biggest river of France.
    Since 1992, due to the competition of the faster trains, it became a marina. A nice and fresh place where people like walking around, make funfairs, fishing, and even dine in floating restaurants !

    180 Pinka and Glimglam in Riga, Latvia - Tri-Charters

    Art image 180
    Pinka and Glimglam in front of House of the Black Heads in Riga. Definitely one of the prettiest buildings in old town.

    181 Griffons and Grouches - EddictedBrony

    Art image 181
    Gallus finds out how to get to Sesame Street and has a run in with Oscar the Grouch after trying to eat his beloved Slimey for dinner. For once Oscar has a good reason to be grouchy. (Ok this is really Granite State Comic Con but don't tell any of them that.)

    182 Sandbar and Silverstream At Weirs Beach - EddictedBrony

    Art image 182
    Sandbar and Silverstream as friends (friends only Yona!) go on a little trip to Weirs Beach in Laconia NH. Silverstream was really excited to see the legendary artifacts known as boats!

    183 Psychodrome Sombra - EddictedBrony

    Art image 183
    King Sombra, after being banished by Grogar to a horrible world called Canobie Lake Park, decides to make the best of it by riding the park's Psychodrome because hey, it's fun and it's got great music Vinyl Scratch would just love.

    184 Who Doesn't Love Musical Theater? - EddictedBrony

    Art image 184
    Autumn Blaze and her new pal Monochrome Sunset take a trip to Winnipesaukee Playhouse to watch some musical theater, sadly no kirins were the actors.

    185 Crystal Lake Doesn't Have Crystals! - EddictedBrony

    Art image 185
    Gallus visits Peabody MA's Crystal Lake in hopes of finding Smolder some crystals for lunch. Unfortunately Crystal Lake lacks that, but it did at least have geese and a cool fountain within the lake.

    186 Gallus At The Salem Witch House - EddictedBrony

    Art image 186
    Disappointed that he got no crystals Gallus decides to visit the Witch House of Salem MA instead, witches make good stews right?

    187 Gallus And Montgomery - EddictedBrony

    Art image 187
    Gallus finally finds a witch named Elizabeth Montgomery from some Equestrian country called TV Land, but to his dismay she was only a metal statue and was never a real witch, just an actor.

    188 Daddy? - EddictedBrony

    Art image 188
    Gallus finally finds a place to get Smolder and himself lunch at Ledger Restaurant and Bar, but to his surprise he finds that it's apparently run by a griffon!

    189 Starlight And Sunburst - EddictedBrony

    Art image 189
    Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst have a date at Funspot in Laconia NH, the world's biggest arcade. They're having fun but it doesn't seem like they're having luck with getting high scores.

    190 A Pony Train Ride - EddictedBrony

    Art image 190
    Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst invited the Equal Four on a little train ride on the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad to celebrate a great cartoon. View was great, ice cream was delicious, and they loved how everyone who saw them loved them.

    191 Rainbow Dash in F-AIR Colombia 2019 - Mauricio Alejandro Giraldo Castaño

    Art image 191

    192 Rainbow Dash in José María Córdova International Airport after F-AIR Colombia 2019 - Mauricio Alejandro Giraldo Castaño

    Art image 192

    193 Scootaloo at the New Mexico border - DavinciWolf

    Art image 193

    194 Scootaloo at historic route 66 - DavinciWolf

    Art image 194
    Scootaloo's hanging outside a giftshop in Tucumcari NM, along historic route 66

    195 Sunset on the Columbia River Gorge - NatureShy

    Art image 195
    Not a hike this time, but went out to the dock at Beacon Rock, in Washington state, to catch the sunset with Flutterbat!
    Here she is, taking the beautiful view of the Columbia River. Looks like she is enjoying it!

    196 Watching the Sunset with Flutterbat at Robin Lakes, WA - NatureShy

    Art image 196
    Went on an amazing 4-day backpacking trip and camped here for two nights! On the last day, I climbed a few hundred feet above my campsite along the ridge to get this view. My campsite was smack-dab right between both of the Robin Lakes, with a view of each. My camp was at the far right-middle of the photo, in the trees. The view from the site was already amazing, but I wanted to get a better overhead view.

    What you can't tell from this photo: There was an equally amazing view on the other side of Flutterbat and I!!! Looking behind, the east-Robin Lake sat below in a deep pothole surrounded by granite cliffs, with the deepest Crater-Lake-blue I've ever seen. This was an incredibly rugged and challenging trip, but so worth it! I want to return someday again, and explore the area some more.

    197 A View of Mt Hood from Owl Point with Flutterbat! - NatureShy

    Art image 197
    Did a fantastic hike on Mt Hood, called the Owl Point hike. Technically, this photo WASN'T taken from Owl Point exactly, but The Rockpile, another viewpoint along the Owl Point hike, but I figure Owl Point is a more recognizable name for this area. The view from both are pretty similar, too–Owl Point has a higher viewpoint, however (both along the same hike, anyways).
    I also did a few other side-trips to not only the Rockpile and Owl Point, but also Red Hill (off-trail), and Alki Point. Best bang-for-the-buck viewpoint-bagging hike I've done! Super easy for the rewards you get.

    198 Exploring A Remote Falls with Flutterbat in Washington! - NatureShy

    Art image 198
    I've been wanting to see this falls for years, and finally got to with Flutterbat. There is NO official trail down to the falls, or even any hint that there is a falls here from the road. Parked by the road, and hiked down an unofficial user-made path along the canyon rim, and then took another user-made path down a steep grade down to the falls. No one seen the entire day. It feels very secluded down in the falls amphitheater–just Flutterbat and I, and the tumbling sound of the falls. Name of Falls: Upper Little Goose Falls, WA.

    199 Watching Sunset Over the Three Sisters in Central Oregon, from Tumalo Mountain - NatureShy

    Art image 199
    Hiked up Tumalo Mountain (a volcanic peak) to the summit, and watched the sunset with Flutterbat until the sun disappears below the horizon. Hiked back mostly in the dark. It was one of the most stunning mountain sunsets I've ever seen. I also time-lapsed the sunset with Flutterbat, which was included in the trailer link below. (If this photo seems familiar: it was a timelapse clip in the 2nd Equestria: Into the Wild trailer.)

    200 Talking With the Locals in the Cascade Range, WA - NatureShy

    Art image 200
    Backpacked up in the Central Cascades region in Washington, and some mountain goats came by to say hi!

    201 Flutterbat at Pony Bridge because PONY PONY PONY! - NatureShy

    Art image 201
    Hiked up the Quinault River Trail on a 3-day backpacking trip in Olympic National Park, and crossed this popular little bridge over a deep fern-lined (smothered) canyon, with the churning aqua-blue Quinault River 60 feet below. I took many photos of various ponies at the bridge, not only Flutterbat.

    Other highlights of this trail were the MASSIVE old growth trees, up to 7 feet in diameter; and the lush moss-draped trees that the Olympic rainforests in Olympic National Park are famous for. Camped by the Pony Bridge the first night, above the river canyon; and the second night was spent by the river further upstream in a flat wash.

    202 Horseshoe Meadow Has Been Officially Horse-ified! - NatureShy

    Art image 202
    I did a partially-off-trail backpacking loop up on Mt Adams a week ago, and camped at this meadow the first night, and then went off-trail above the meadow up to timberline below the Avalanche Glacier for my second night. The sunset was STUNNING!

    A note about Mt. Adams: Mt Adams is a stratovolcano, like Mt. St. Helens! It is the second highest peak in Washington, too; east of Mt. St. Helens, and larger than Mt Rainier in sheer eruptive volume. It would bury Manhattan Island in over 300 feet of material (Darryl Lloyd). At 12,286 feet, is also the 3rd highest volcano in the Cascade Range, after Mt Rainier and Mt Shasta!

    203 Scootaloo on the Rio grande gorge Bridge, Taos NM - DavinciWolf

    Art image 203
    Hoping a sudden gust of wind doesn't knock her over the edge

    204 Camping in the Alpine Lakes with Flutterbat! - NatureShy

    Art image 204
    Went on an amazing 4-day backpacking trip and camped here for two nights in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness! My campsite was smack-dab right between both of the lakes, with a view of each. In the distance is Mt Daniel.

    What you can't tell from this photo: There was another amazing lake view on the other side of Flutterbat and I!!! Looking behind, the east-Robin Lake sat below in a deep pothole surrounded by granite cliffs, with the deepest blue I've ever seen. The photo here is of the western lake.

    205 Scootaloo at the Taos Pueblo, Taos NM - DavinciWolf

    Art image 205

    206 - Solar Cloud

    Art image 206
    Tempest attends San Diego Comic Con.

    207 Rainbow Dash visit Merlion - Furrypuffles

    Art image 207
    Rainbow Dash visited Merlion Park in Singapore � It was her best travel experience yet �

    208 Rainbow Dash in Batu Caves, Malaysia - Furrypuffles

    Art image 208
    Rainbow Dash in Batu Caves, Malaysia
    In front of the iconic gold statue. This picture was taken last year in July (Wanted to submit it for PATW 2018 but too late) The stairs in the background are now more beautiful, they are painted rainbow 😭 I wanna visit it again sometimes

    209 fluttershy at finke gorge national park - joel

    Art image 209
    Fluttershy sitting at the entrance to finke gorge national park

    210 Rainbow dash spreading her wings at mount conner - joel

    Art image 210
    Rainbow dash spreading her wings at mount conner also know as the the Ayers rock

    211 Rainbow dash spreading her wings at henbury meteorite craters - joel

    Art image 211
    Rainbow dash spreading her wings at the entrance to henbury meteorite craters

    212 Rainbow dash spreading her wings over Lake Amadeus - joel

    Art image 212
    Rainbow dash spreading her wings over Lake Amadeus the largest salt lake in the Northern Territory.

    213 Rainbow dash relaxing on the entrance sign to Watarrka National Park - joel

    Art image 213
    Rainbow dash relaxing on the entrance sign to Watarrka National Park

    214 Rainbow Dash and Colombian Air Force airplanes at F-AIR Colombia 2019 - Mauricio Alejandro Giraldo Castaño

    Art image 214

    215 Fluttershy explores France backcountry - Artémis Plum

    Art image 215
    Lots of wild friends to meet there, but also small village architecture.

    218 Sweetie Belle on top Jubilee Oracle Sculpture - Mark Hyder

    Art image 218
    The Oracle stands on a plith, inscribed with a quote from the artist, reading 'Mankind is capable of an awareness that is outside the range of everyday life. My monumental sculptures are created to communicate with that awareness in a way similar to classical music. Just as most symphonies are not intended to be descriptive, so these works do not represent figures or objects'.

    223 Temmy at TrotCon 2019 - Squeaky_Belle

    Art image 223
    Heyo! So yeah. Got a chance to go to TrotCon this year. Didn't really travel around much, so here's a shot from the hotel the ponycon is held at!

    Plushie in the photo is Temmy: nation pony of Singapore, and one of the mascots of SEAPonyCon.

    225 Fluttershy in front of Templo da Boa Vontade - Brasília- Brazil - Mateus S.

    Art image 225
    Templo da Boa Vontade is a temple built for all kind of religions and beliefs.

    226 Scootaloo at top of Sandia peak, Albuquerque NM - DavinciWolf

    Art image 226
    Elevation of 10,378 feet

    227 Scootaloo at Twisters, Albuquerque NM - DavinciWolf

    Art image 227
    This location served as the set of Los Pollos Hermanos from Breaking Bad

    228 Scootaloo at Walter White's house from Breaking Bad, Albuquerque NM - DavinciWolf

    Art image 228
    Unfortunately the owners had to put a fence around their home because so many fans kept throwing pizza on their roof.

    229 Applejack at a sea at sunset - Winhuff

    Art image 229

    230 Rainbow Dash on Rigi Mountain, Switzerland - Winhuff

    Art image 230

    231 RD on Mount Schilthorn, Switzerland - Winhuff

    Art image 231

    232 Rainbow Dash at Mirror lake - Winhuff

    Art image 232