• SPIKE Music: Francis Vace - Molt [Ska]

    New song by Francis Vace everypony!! Wooooo!! Now it's time to dive once again into a fluffy tribute to a specific episode, and you will be able to guess that one from the title already! Singing as Spike in S08E11 Molt Down that is definitely a momentous episode, Francis delivers an extension of the episode in musical format, that could also be seen as the song of the episode that we never got, or like a hidden scene, or like a theme song for the episode. It's just so perfect in every way, with much Equestrian vibes from the cute and happy Ska instrumental, and all the love that we can hear in Francis' passionate vocals that always make me melt. The lyrics are so wonderful and we get immersed in the setting so easily, and the last part especially is my favorite, it's quite emotional! We love you Francis, keep it up!!